Friday, February 23

Pokemon Can’t Survive in India

Pokemon Go – the game, is trending amongst youth all over the country and is catching more attention because of its outdoor playing feature replacing indoor alternatives like PS3, video games. The virtual game drives youth to go to multiple locations and play in natural surroundings; the basic idea is to catch the pokemon that arrive on screen.

Do you know, every time one steps out to catch a pokemon, chances of catching a Pikachu is 10 times lower than getting killed due to air pollution? In its latest video, ‘Hawa Badlo’ comes up with a hilarious depiction of a Pokemon character which becomes real and comes to India.

The video starts with a girl playing with her pokemon and happily chasing him on the roads. Suddenly the pokemon is spotted struggling with his breath while running on the road, but the girl chasing the pokemon has no such difficulty in breathing the polluted air; in fact she is seen all happy and lost in the game. Showing how people have become used to the polluted air. After struggling for a long time, tragedy strikes, the Pokemon dies because of the pollution and the girl starts crying in grief. What a shame!

Mr. Nipun Arora, Founder, Hawa Badlo expresses, “With the launch of this video, ‘Hawa Badlo’ intends to remind people the urgent need to stop polluting the environment, if a Pickachu cannot survive the pollution, then how can we as human beings survive? And why are we getting adapted to this environment? Let’s not be a part of it, instead let’s stop this and save the people and our planet from exhaustion.”

Mr. Indranil Das, Spokesperson of GAIL (INDIA) Ltd., says, “The situation is worsening day-by-day creating a death hole for us, which we are not paying attention to. Hope we realize it one day and start taking some action. We need to stop using inefficient and polluting fuels and increase the usage of cleaner fuels like natural gas. Its various forms like CNG and PNG gives us convenience as well as much lesser emissions. Let’s all aim to curb pollution from our life.”

The video combines childhood nostalgia with the background theme of Shaktimaan and with the popular character pokemon. The video stimulates the emotion that if a pokemon cannot survive the pollution and died immediately then how can humans survive this disastrous air, and for how long? Why are we killing ourselves? Why we are adapting this lifestyle? Stand out, come out and join hands with ‘Hawa Badlo’ in curbing pollution. Take a pledge to make the planet cleaner, greener and pollution-free.