Tuesday, November 28

Pakistan unblock TikTok after it vows to moderate content

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19, 2020: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority decided to unblock the video-sharing app TikTok after receiving assurance from Tiktok management to remove the vulgar content.

The spokesperson of PTA said the TikTok management has assured the authority that it will block all accounts repeatedly involved in spreading obscenity and immorality and moderate content in accordance with local laws. The authority has not announced whether the app will be unblocked immediately.

The authority had said at the time of the ban that the decision was made after it received complaints ‘against immoral/indecent content’ on the app.

The PTA said it had issued a final notice to the app and gave considerable time to respond and develop and an effective mechanism for ‘proactive moderation of unlawful online content.’

The app was banned on October 9 for its “obscene and immoral” content.

As per the data, TikTok was the third most-downloaded app in Pakistan over the past 12 months, behind WhatsApp and Facebook.

In June, Tiktok was blocked in India, its largest market in terms of users which cited national security concerns amid border tensions with China.

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