Sunday, May 26

Just Jobs Launches a Unique Job Portal Designed for Blue Collar Sector

Just Jobs is on a mission to empower the unserved informal sector of India by connecting skill with opportunity.

Just Jobs is excited to announce the launch of its one-of-a-kind, fully-featured job portal, Just.Jobs, exclusively designed for entry-level jobs sector. Just Jobs is an innovative staffing startup that connects blue collar job seekers with employers from both households and small-to-medium sized businesses offering job opportunities.

Just Jobs, India’s most economical, reliable and completely ad-free online job board for blue collar jobs, is in line with the Indian Government’s vision of ‘Digital India’, ‘Skill India’ and ‘Make in India‘ ventures. It is committed to serve as a neutral facilitator to empower employers and the job seekers connect easily to meet their respective objectives without any unwarranted intrusion of third-party influence.

The sole target behind genesis of Just Jobs is to build a complete ecosystem connecting the two most important stakeholders – informal sector workforce and household and small-to-medium sized businesses.

Simply put, Just Jobs has set new standards of recruitment by offering the easiest, fastest and most efficient solution. Just Jobs aims to minimize the digital divide and change the perception towards the blue collar workforce – the disorganized force of skilled workers from informal sector.

Why Just Jobs matters now more than ever?

Just Jobs, a secure and reliable free job posting site, believes in a better way and that’s why it’s proud to offer the informal jobs sector services with affordable price ranges for employers: very low price per job posting to fit households and small-to-medium sized businesses. Moreover, it’s 100% free for job seekers. Leaving no stone unturned, the customer-centric platform offering unrivalled customer support, has been built with the latest technology, urbane design and easy-to-navigate functionality that enables job seekers and employers to swiftly and effortlessly access the necessary information and analytical insights on a mobile-responsive environment. The websites also ensures an optimal experience, regardless of the device they are using.

1) A spectrum of features for employers are:

– Hire cream of the crop
Every jobseeker, registered at Just Jobs, is verified. Happy Hiring!

– 100% money back guarantee
Love it or get your money back. No question asked.

– Jobs credits never expire
One can post jobs anytime. Enjoy lifetime validity.

– Easy on the pocket plans
The simple, all-inclusive and most inexpensive pricing plans.

– No long-term contracts
No fuss. One can cancel, upgrade, or ask for refund.

– Branded career site
The website provides beautifully-integrated employer profiles.

2) A spectrum of features for job seekers are:

– Forever free
With Just Jobs, one never has to pay to be hired.

– No signup required
No registration. No profile creation. No obligation.

 Jobseekers are not the product
The website takes privacy seriously and never sells personal information.

– Verified jobs and employers
The website has no room for fake jobs and bogus employers.

– One click apply
Applying on jobs was never that easy. No resume upload. zero frills.

According to Kishore Beniwal, CEO of Just Jobs,Just Jobs is different in many ways, and what makes it special is its approach. It revolves around connecting people’s skill with available opportunities in the market with the smart use of technology in minimalistic ways by the job seekers.” He continues, “Just Jobs will spark employment by helping those at the base of pyramid discover a whole new world of job opportunities and ways to leverage technology to reap as much benefits in terms of better pay, job security, assurance of part-time/full-time opportunities to match their skills.

Kishore has worked hard in bringing Just Jobs alive. In the early years of his life, Kishore recounts, “I had worked as a construction labour and waiter for almost 4 years. Having worked in an informal work environment and tough conditions, I understand the requirement of such a platform. I have experienced the life of an informal worker and know that to most of them, the future seems desolate. Due to lack of appropriate jobs and insignificant level of education, they seem clueless about how to move up in their career without losing any sleep.” Hence, this business idea had struck him from personal experience and he wanted to eradicate the challenges he had faced.

“Now, with the penetration of low-cost smartphones and better access to the Internet, delivery boys, accountants, babysitters, housemaids, drivers, personal assistants, electricians, cooks, plumbers, security guards, waiters, telecallers, carpenters, and IT professionals can connect with potential employers using one time password (OTP) for login through Just Jobs in a simplified manner,” Kishore added.