Tuesday, May 21

Investment Father of Indian Startups “Lee Fixel” is Leaving Tiger Global

Lee Fixel, one of the most famous low flying name of Tiger Global is leaving the company, according to a letter sent to clients on Thursday seen by Reuters.

In the letter, it’s written that Lee Fixel a partner and head of the $13 billion private equity business at Tiger Global Management LLC, plans to leave the firm on June 30.

Scott Shleifer and Chase Coleman will continue as co-portfolio managers of Tiger Global’s private equity business, with Shleifer to take over as its head, according to the letter.

Fixel, who joined Tiger Global in 2006, will invest his own money and “may start an investment firm in the future,” Tiger Global wrote in the letter.

“We are grateful for Lee’s innumerable contributions,” the letter said. “Lee has been a driving force behind the expansion of Tiger Global’s private equity investing activities in the United States and India, and he has distinguished himself as a world-class investor.”

On a mail, the query sent to Tiger Global and Lee Fixel for seeking comment remain unanswered.

Tiger Global Management’s Lee Fixel will be remembered for his audacious bets backing start-ups at a time big investors were unconvinced about the potential of the Indian e-commerce. Tiger was the early investor in big Indian startups like Flipkart and Ola, which paid off a huge amount in return.

Tiger Global was founded in 2000 by Coleman. Scott Shleifer joined two years later, and Fixel came aboard in 2006.

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