Monday, May 27

Hackers Sending Coronavirus Map Link on Whatsapp to Steal Your data

Even as the whole world grapples with rising COVID-19 cases, cyber fraudsters have devised a malware called “coronavirus map” to steal confidential data, including bank account details and passwords.

Pixr8 News team found out about the malware a week ago and urging people not to open any coronavirus-related links circulated on social messaging apps.

Cyber fraudsters are using a malware called coronavirus map, which can compromise your confidential data.

People are taking precautionary measures by spreading awareness about this unauthorized link, he added.

The malware link, shared widely on messaging apps like WhatsApp, claims that it has important information about ways to prevent coronavirus infection, he said.

If one clicks on the link, it installs a spy software, which can steal bank account details, passwords, and other personal data, the official said.

No one has approached the cyber police with any such complaint so far.

People who wish to get the latest updates on the pandemic should think twice before clicking on any link sent to them on social media, Pixr8 team member said.

The state and central government have been sharing timely information and data about the disease, so people should avoid opening unauthorized links, he added.

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