Saturday, September 23

Google Stop Employees from using Zoom Video Conferencing App

Search engine based company Google ban employees from using popular video-conferencing app Zoom after end to end security flaws.

Video-conferencing app Zoom which gained over 200 million users worldwide in March amid shutdown due to coronavirus pandemic has recently been under the scanner after few countries reported security issues.

Apart from Google, the Singapore education dept, Taiwan Government, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, etc has banned video conferencing app over security concerns.

The app has also been banned by New York City officials for schools who were earlier using the app to facilitate remote classes and sessions.

As Pixr8 News mentioned in its earlier report that Zoom videos had been exposed on the open web due to end to end security flaws. Also, a data-mining feature on Zoom had allowed some participants to have access to LinkedIn profile data of other users without their permission or any notification from Zoom.

The biggest setback of the video calling app came after harassment from hackers interrupting meetings and showing pornographic content known as “Zoombombing.”

However, Last week Zoom CEO Eric S Yuan said that the platform will now be focusing all its resources on improving “safety, and privacy” on its platform for the next 90 days.