Sunday, May 26

Google drops Healofy app from Play Store

Bengaluru based Healofy app was removed by Google for violation of its developer policy. The exact violation of Play Store policy is not revealed by the company.

The app of Healofy has now been unavailable for over 72 hours from Google Play store.

Healofy is a social networking app focused on pregnancy and parenting had raised over $11 million from investors.

Google in its response said any violation of its developer policies invites such action. But according to industry insiders like entrepreneurs and app developers, removing an app from play store is a very harsh step for policy violation. 

“Our users are the core of our product and we take user privacy and data very seriously. We are working with Google, who have been very cooperative, towards reinstating the app on the Play Store. We have followed the guidelines governing the store and will endeavour to stay compliant with all guidelines, both current and in the future. We hope to return on the store shortly and would like to thank all our potential users for their patience,” Healofy founder and CEO said.

According to sources, Google typically provides at least a month’s time before removing an app, unless the violation is of the highest scale.