Sunday, May 26

All You Need to Know About Azim Premji’s Second Son Tariq Premji

India’s second-richest businessman Azim Premji’s youngest son Tariq Premji has reportedly been appointed as the non-executive director of the board of Wipro Enterprises Limited. Azim Premji who is the Chairman of Wipro Enterprises did not want his sons to take over his business.

In this regard, Premji expressed, “We have many more mature people and probably more effective people in the organisation. You cannot hand an organisation of this complexity and size to sons. I think anyone who takes over has to earn it on merits and this job requires a fair degree of maturity. It’s a complex job, a global job.”

Tariq is the third family member to join the board, after his father and his elder brother Rishad Premji. The eldest son Rishad Premji is also on the company’s board as a non-executive director. But, in an interview, Premji stated that Rishad seems to be all set to eventually succeed him as the non-executive chairman. Other members of the board comprise of Suresh C Senapaty, Vineet Agrawal (CEO – Consumer Care & Lighting and Executive Director of Wipro Enterprises), Pratik Kumar (CEO – Wipro Infrastructure Engineering & Executive Director of Wipro Enterprises).

Wipro Enterprises incorporates two major businesses. The ‘Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting’, which is among the top FMCG companies in the country runs a big range of soaps including Santoor, toiletries, wellness products, electrical wire devices, domestic and commercial lighting, and modular office furniture. Another undertaking named ‘Wipro Infrastructure Engineering group’, on the other hand, is the largest independent hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in the world, delivering around 2 million cylinders to OEMs in different geographies. Besides the above-mentioned businesses, Wipro Enterprises has two associates, namely Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited and Wipro Kawasaki Precision Machinery Private Limited.

Rishad has completed his higher studies abroad in well-known institutes such as  Wesleyan University and Harvard University. On the other hand, Tariq has completed his graduation in commerce from St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru itself. He has not been given this opportunity just because of his surname. Tariq maintains a low personal profile in the public eye. The 40-year-old son doesn’t have a Twitter profile. He is not even active on social media. Before joining his family office PremjiInvest, Tariq dedicated his efforts and time and worked at a BPO firm for nearly a year. Tariq is married to Nandini Singh who is the daughter of art collector Kavita Singh and Jasjit Singh of Associated Capsules.

A company’s spokesperson stated, “Wipro Enterprises is a private limited company and Tariq Premji’s appointment is in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013. His independent objective view will add value to the board’s deliberations.”

As of now, only the eldest son Rishad was seen working for the Wipro Enterprises but now his younger brother has joined him for the same, and it seems both the brothers will jointly take the business of their father to great heights.