Saturday, September 23

Agrahyah Technologies to Launch Voice-based Content Platform for Local Language

Agrahyah Technologies, a software company that is based in Mumbai has announced the launch of a new voice-based content platform for Indian language content among the first such companies.

Agrahyah Technologies is a company that aims to make technology reachable and usable for everyone and eliminate English as a barrier for better utilization of the internet.

A web (desktop and mobile) and mobile application-based platform called is scheduled to be launched in a few weeks. This platform will comprise of Hindi content for the start. It will also be available through voice assistants-based smart speakers including Amazon Echo and Google Home.

“We will have content covering astrology, Bollywood, comedy and devotion, along with health and entertainment,” said Sreeraman Thiagarajan, CEO of Agrahyah Technologies.

The company works to create local language content for the purpose of making technology more reachable to people who do not know English. Along with this, the tech firm will also be introducing Hindi jokes on Amazon Alexa in the near future. The company is a preferred partner for building Alexa skills.

It has plans of launching with 100 hours of content, which has been recorded by actual people. This would be divided into ten segments of ten minutes each.

A portion of the content has been created at the actual places or locations which the segments talk about. The company has then planned to create content in Urdu by the start of the year 2019.

Thiagarajan said he was open to broadcast the content from Aawaz out to other platforms.

“There is no syndicated Hindi language content available in India at present. We’d be happy to offer this to other platforms after we launch it on our own platform,” he added.

Agrahyah Technologies, at present, claims to have 33 people and it has decided to take this to 50 by the end of the year, which would also include a team for the Urdu expansion that will have ten members.

The founder also believes that local languages have a great potential in our country. The population of Hindi-speaking people is huge and there is low penetration of television in large parts of this market. And therefore, the company is making efforts to tap into the smartphone space with its platform.