Saturday, April 13

Kuwait Assembly approves Expatriate quota bill, Will force Large number of Indians and Egyptian to leave the country

Kuwait, 6th July 2020: Kuwait’s National Assembly committee has decided that a draft law proposing a quota for expatriates is constitutional.

The bill will now be referred to the concerned committee for consideration.

The bill states that the Indian and Egyptian expatriate community one of the largest in the country should not exceed 15 percent of the national population.

Which means that out of 1.45 million Indians around 800,000 of them might be required to leave Kuwait.

The speaker said that Kuwait has a real problem in its population structure, in which 70 percent are expats, adding that what is more serious is that 1.3 million of the 3.35 million expats “are either illiterate or can merely read and write”, who is not the people Kuwait really needs. He said 100,000 of these people are workers who are illiterate.

“I understand that we recruit doctors and skilled manpower and not unskilled laborers. This is an indication that there is a distortion. Visa traders have contributed to increasing this figure,” Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem said. The speaker said the draft law they intend to file will propose to impose a cap on the number of expats, whose numbers must decrease gradually by stating that this year expats will be 70 percent, next year 65 percent, and so on.

The kuwait internal committee also lifted the immunity of two lawmakers involved in a corruption scandal, in which a Bangladeshi MP is allegedly involved, the report added. The politician is currently detained in Kuwait.

According to Kuwait Times, the MPs asked for the immunity to be lifted to allow for public prosecution to clear their names as they deny involvement

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