Monday, June 24

RTI Revealed How Much Narendra Modi Government Spent Over Skill Development And The Number is Quite Shocking

Prafful Sarda, very young Pune Based RTI Activist & owner of an Event management company had filed an RTI application with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) on following issues:

1) How much money allotted to NSDC in last 2 years

2) How much money spent in last 2 years (Through NSDC)

3) State-wise distribution Details

4) How much money allotted and Spent during 2004-2014

After Formation of Modi Govt, first time NSDC has been allotted with independent ministry, headed by Rajiv Pratap Rudy. As per BJP manifesto, Hon. Prime-minister Narendra Modi kept his word & allotted handsome fund for skill development to support people who are willing to work hard but lack of education they are not able to earn their daily bread & butter.

Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy kept his strong eye and made sure NSDC benefits and opportunities reach to each state and maximum people can get benefits from the different initiatives taken from the division.

In 2015-16 Rs.480 crore allotted that also include Rs.45crore  allotted to UDAAN (J&k). in 2016-17( till 17/01/17) Rs.1583.37 crore allotted for NSDC. Disbursement allotted under various Schemes & initiative
(i) Non Scheme (skilling project) (ii) Udaan (For J&K) (iii) Star (All India) (iv) PMKVY (All India) (v) PMKK (vi) PMKVY-2.


It its very surprising in UPA regime when Dr.Manmohan Singh exclusively heading NSDC And from 2008-2014 only Rs.1667.94 Crore allotted but only Rs.668.31 crore spent. On the contrary in 2009-2011 not even single penny allotted for NSDC.


This clearly shows UPA & Former Prime-minister Dr.Manmohan Singh was least bothered about NSDC that involves major population of this country. But when Modi Govt took charge  since then so far NSDC got more than Rs.3491.05 Crore And    under his guidance Rajiv Pratap Rudy already disbursed more than Rs. 2458 crore to involve unskilled people of this country can be part of skill development.

Rajiv Pratap Rudy definitely doing good job & surely making efforts to involve large population with NSDC. I still remember in his Pune visit he said “We need think beyond education for skill development”. With huge fund allotment and disbursement in right direction across the states india is ready to write another success story, through skill development Said RTI activist Prafful Sarda”.