Sunday, May 26

Maharashtra Chief Minister Launched Job Portal For Job Seekers

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today launched a web portal Mahaswayam that will cater to job seekers, employers, entrepreneurs, and training institutes who can avail details regarding skill development and employment.

Earlier, the state government ran three different portals- Maharashtra State Skill Development Society (MSSDS) portal for Skill Development, Maharojgar for employment and Mahaswayamrojgar for entrepreneurship.

These three have now been merged into Mahaswayam, making it easier for all beneficiaries as well as the state to keep a track of the demand and supply of workforce.

Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar, who was also present at the launch said, “It was important to get all the three sectors on one platform to ensure that job seekers get a right platform and employers get right candidates”.

“For skilling, we need to keep a watch on the market demand and this will help us track the demand so that we can provide required skills to the youth,” he added.

At Mahaswayam, job seekers will be able to register themselves, search as well as apply for jobs, inquire for training, get information on self-employment and get details of job fairs. Besides, training institutes can also register, get details on participation in the state skill development programme, get training fee receipts, and can also receive training fee through ECS, the minister said.

Entrepreneurs can post job vacancy advertisements at the portal, he said.

“This website will also make it easier for the state government to keep a count of total registered candidates, entrepreneurs, training institutes, number of skilled candidates, total of job getters and self-employed users,” Nilangekar said.