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How to Visit Ayodhya? Flight, Train and Bus Route

Ayodhya, 18th January 2023: Ayodhya, a holy hindu city that resonates with the echoes of ancient spirituality and timeless culture, invites pilgrims and travelers from all over the world to breathe in its sanctity. Home to the magnificent Ram Mandir, a symbol of architectural splendor and devotional grandeur, your Ayodhya visit promises to be an unforgettable spiritual retreat. Plan your journey with our comprehensive guide, as we chart out the best routes for a seamless passage to the heart of Uttar Pradesh’s treasured heritage.

Navigating to Ayodhya: Your Travel Options Unveiled

Arriving in Ayodhya by Air

Recently, On 30th December 2023 Government of India and AAI launched new Airport in Ayodhya known as “Maharishi Valmiki International Airport”. Bask in the convenience of direct flights now connecting this picturesque city to a multiple metro cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi.

Ayodhya Airport is 8 to 10 km away from Ram mandir. You can book taxi, e-rickshaw or take electric bus of UP Government from the airport. The cost varies between 40Rs to 1200Rs depend on the type of services you select.

By Train to Ayodhya

For those who wants to visit Ayodhya by rail can book direct tickets to Ayodhya. Ayodhya city have two important main stations known as Ayodhya Dham (AY) and Ayodhya Cannt (AYC). Ayodhya Dham is the nearest station just 0.5 km to Ram mandir and Ayodhya Cantt station is 8km away from Ram mandir but both stations have direct connectivity to Ram mandir.

Recently railway launched new special services like the Vande Bharat and Amrit Bharat trains for Ayodhya Route.

As per the news sources, now every big city in India will connect these two stations. Indian railway planning to launch 1500 new trains to connect Ayodhya to each cities of India.

By Road to Ayodhya

Those daring souls craving the open road will find solace in the smooth highways that cradle Ayodhya’s borders. Take the wheel for an enchanting drive through Uttar Pradesh’s tableau of culture and nature. From Delhi, its an 8 to 12 hour drive though car and bus through expressways. Many state transportation services connecting their buses to Ayodhya route.

Best Time to Visit Ayodhya

Ideally the best time to visit ayodhya is during time of winter and near to Diwali. September, October, November, December, January, February and March month is the peak season for Ayodhya and in between January and February is the moderate season. Both will serve you well to unwind from your tedious routine.

What to do during Ayodhya Visit

In Ayodhya, tranquility is just around the corner. The Ram Mandir, perched gracefully along the Sarayu River, is accessible by a myriad of local transport modes. Hop onto an auto-rickshaw or pedal alongside the river, each turn bringing you closer to a serene encounter with divinity

For an ethereal experience, time your visit with the morning or evening Aarti, when Ram Mandir is at its most mesmerizing. Let the chants and chimes transcend you to a higher plane of spirituality.

In reverence to Ram Mandir, embrace modest attire and conduct fitting the temple’s sanctified essence, ensuring your presence harmonizes with its spiritual fabric.

Your Ayodhya visit would be incomplete without delving into its historical and cultural bedrock. Discover the fortitude of Hanuman Garhi, the elegance of Kanak Bhawan, and numerous other sacred sites like Guptarghat, Dasrath Samadhi, Suraj Kund, Bharat Kund etc.

Complete your Routes of Enlightenment by indulging in the culinary mosaic of Ayodhya, where local cuisine exudes flavors as rich and vibrant as the city’s storied past. To Visit divine city of Ayodhya you need at least a 1 week. Ayodhya is a pure spiritual city and to understand about Ayodhya you need to give proper time.

As you prepare for the pilgrimage of a lifetime, let this guide illuminate your Ayodhya visit, providing a smooth confluence of the practical and the divine, ensuring memories that echo through the ages.

If you have any query want to know more about Ayodhya you can join one of the most popular community group in city known as Ayodhya Group, you can find important news and information regarding Ayodhya city in this group.