Sunday, June 23

How Indian Startups Congratulate PM Narendra Modi For Second Term

Indian startups who received support from the Indian government under “Startup India, Standup India” programme led by Indian PM Narendra Modi’s in the first term congratulates PM Modi for the victory and second term.

Most of the startups are hopeful that under second term Modi government will take strong steps against painful Indian angle tax.

“The 68 million grassroots businesses in India which have been making a significant contribution to the National GPD, need a continued benevolent approach from the Government.  The Government Policies need to focus on creating a supportive ecosystem which empowers micro enterprises to create globally competitive products rather than granting loan waivers which only leads to dependency and inadequacy in the sector. While a lot of work has been done by SIDBI & RBI, we need more efforts in this direction to develop a more sustainable and robust sector.” said Mr. Sanjay Sharma- Founder & Managing Director, Aye Finance.

 “As our nation has recently celebrated the festival of democracy with massive fanfare, people are eagerly anticipating the results to see towards which direction the nation is now going to sail. We in startup community believe that all of our political representatives have a great responsibility over their shoulders. Startup India initiative that got a lot of fuel in the last term needs to be steered well. They have to positively contribute towards policy-making and drive the much-needed reforms. Sustained and calibrated efforts have to be taken to resolve any challenges that might come up timely and prevent our embryonic market from their direct repercussions.”  said Manish Khera, Founder, and CEO, Happy.

“Start-up enterprises are going to play a vital role in the success of the country. To boost the start-up ventures in India, the Government should aim at facilitating ease of business to startups which can be done through easy compliances and tax holidays. In addition to this Government should target to arrange easy and low-cost funds’ access to startups through specially focussed funds as well as relaxed guidelines for FDI for start-ups. Since Start-ups will play an important role in generating employment in the country as well, Government should also frame incentive schemes for start-ups for providing subsidies in various forms,” said Mr. Vivek Tiwari, MD, and CEO, Satya MicroCapital.