Thursday, April 18

How Indian Prime Minister Set the Stage For India at Dubai’s World Government Summit

The  6th Annual World Government Summit this year in Dubai where India was a Guest of Honour, witnessed 4000 delegates and 130 Speakers including Narendra Modi, Robert Di Nero, Christine Lagarde, Edouard Phillipe etc and many more.

On arriving at Abu Dhabi, PM Narendra Modi met with all the important delegates such as the business leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council,  Vice President, PM of UAE and Ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the President Kyrgyzstan Sapar Isakov etc.

The eventful ceremony observed a delightful instance of PM Narendra Modi speaking about Technology and various other important topics that made the speech trending on twitter with the hashtag #ModiInUAE .

In a brief speech of as long as 30 minutes, the PM firstly thanked the government of Dubai, “All the diaspora living here have got a home away from home, and I am thankful for the people here for being so kind.”

He then went on to length to explain and mention how technology has changed in the last many years, with technology evolving as fast as thinking and invention being not dependent on the necessity anymore and the 6 R’s of environment friendliness that needs to the 7th R, that is rejoice. Further, he moved on to ensure that the use of technology by the various governments should be used to develop and not to destruct. He says, “Technology has empowered the common man, which has given a fillip to minimum government, maximum governance.”

The whole world appreciates the use of Aadhaar made compulsory by the Modi Government that is the largest unique Identity programme in the world and have stopped a leakage worth $8 billion according to the Prime Minister.

His keynote communication with the delegates also involved the sub aspects relating to technology that includes the scientific achievements such as stem cells and regeneration cells that have made possible the treatment of hard disorders and also organ fractures. He mentioned that weather forecast helps farmers save their crops and increase them and through disaster management million of crores crops could be now saved.

The feature of development is that thousands of years have passed since the stone age to the industrial age. It took only 200 years for the communication era which moved on to digitisation that grew in a few years says PM Modi.

The PM speaking about the growth of technology in India mentioned that now common man have accessibility to the technology which is empowered by government initiatives that leads to minimum government and maximum governance.

It is a pride for not only India but also Indians who live outside the country that  PM Narendra Modi represented the country in the 6th Annual World Government Summit in Dubai. It was the first time ever in the last 5 years that India was invited in World Government Summit that is led by the Chairman Mohamed bin Abdullah Al Gergawi. Narendra Modi not only talked about India’s Growth in the recent years but also appealed to the audience for using technology in a better way. He shed light on the fact that minimum government and maximum governance is the key. With his well sort words he invited the nations to join hands with India for peace in the future.