Monday, May 27

Coronavirus: How Pune School Using Technology to Teach its Students

Coronavirus may have led to the closure of schools and colleges in Maharashtra, but technology and social media apps have come to the rescue of students.

A Phoneix world school at Kharadi, Pune is using WhatsApp and Gmail to send class assignments to its students.

The local government had directed schools and colleges in the state to remain shut till March 31, due to the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

Despite the lockdown, educators at Phoneix world school at Kharadi, Pune have ensured that there are no roadblocks in the process of learning, by giving class assignments on WhatsApp and Gmail.

Teachers have formed class-wise WhatsApp groups to help students continue their studies without interruption.

“I have been sending different subjects assignment for my students. I allot assignments to children every day between 8 to 12 pm. Students also post their homework assignments on WhatsApp,” said Prachi, who teaches primary classes.

As many as 20-25 students are part of these groups, she added.

“We have seen some positive changes in children who are lazy. They have now started working hard, as their parents are able to monitor their progress,” she said.

Classes work via video conferencing are quite common in city schools but the use of such technology in coronavirus epidemic will surely boost the confidence of students and school organizations.

“Students may have stopped coming to school, but teachers haven’t stopped their classes,” she added.

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