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ChatSUTRA – India’s Own Worldclass AI platform launched in 50 languages

New Delhi, 10th June 2024: India based TWO AI made a groundbreaking announcement regarding the wider release of its advanced AI model, ChatSUTRA, through the launch of a new AI application named ChatSUTRA on the platform This release follows extensive testing and enhancements to ensure optimal performance. ChatSUTRA is now accessible on both web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems.

This development marks a significant milestone as TWO AI opens up SUTRA’s state-of-the-art capabilities to a broader audience.

A key feature of SUTRA lies in its exceptional multilingual adaptability, which allows users to engage with the AI in over 50 languages seamlessly, eliminating language barriers and cultural discrepancies. Among the diverse languages supported on ChatSUTRA are Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Korean, Japanese, Greek, and Arabic.

Recognizing that a vast majority of the global population does not speak English, ChatSUTRA aims to provide non-native English speakers equal access to cutting-edge generative AI technology for various purposes such as knowledge acquisition, problem-solving, and exploration of different cultures and societies. The AI platform offers swift and comprehensive responses to a wide range of inquiries, including advanced translation, text summarization, creative writing support, collaborative writing assistance, foreign recipe suggestions, and DIY repair instructions.

ChatSUTRA’s user-friendly interface features a sidebar displaying saved conversations, central “Conversation Starter Cards” to initiate discussions, and support for multiple languages, ensuring ease of navigation and interaction. User accounts allow seamless synchronization of conversations across devices for convenient access from anywhere.

ChatSUTRA is the answer of India to Chatgpt founder

In an official statement, TWO AI announced the upcoming launch of ChatSUTRA-Pro, providing early access to enhanced features, extended chat message limits, and access to SUTRA’s most advanced models. ChatSUTRA is currently accessible at, with iOS and Android applications set to be released soon.

The famous sixth sense founder Pranav Mistry is the man behind ChatSUTRA, emphasized the significance of ChatSUTRA in bridging the language gap in AI models. He highlighted that SUTRA’s capability extends beyond English, showcasing a deep understanding of various languages and dialects, making AI more inclusive and accessible globally.

ChatSUTRA operates on the robust foundation of SUTRA by TWO AI, leveraging multilingual, scalable, and cost-effective models powered by an innovative LLM architecture capable of autonomous language learning.

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