Sunday, June 23

Welo App – A Virtual Workspace Company Backed By Atlassian and Zoom

BOSTON, 3rd April, 2022– Welo App, the shared virtual workspace platform announced that it has received investments from Atlassian Ventures and the Zoom Apps Fund, making it a company to watch in the burgeoning video communications ecosystem.

Welo connects geographically distributed colleagues by allowing users to move naturally around a shared virtual space. Colleagues can reach out for a quick 1on1 chat, or engage as a team to collaborate on projects. “As online work becomes a bigger part of our lives, it is crucial to give people the flexibility they need to make video meetings efficient and meaningful,” said Cliff Pollan, Welo’s Co-Founder. “These investments support Welo’s mission to improve productivity and revive culture in the distributed work paradigm.”

Video communications is now part of the fabric of our lives, getting us through a pandemic and an unprecedented shift in work patterns. At the same time, surveys and research show an increase in feelings of isolation and burnout. Welo’s solution is an interactive visual environment where teams collaborate on the fly. It lets users naturally move between conversations, just like in physical spaces. Users can also position themselves to signal availability for a quick chat or find a quiet space for deep work. “Welo offers the ability to break out of rigid 30-minute meeting blocks for the times when a 5-10 minute conversation would be more appropriate and productive,” said Pollan.

“Every day, people around the world are connecting on Zoom, Welo complements our platform by giving people a spatialized, digital workspace to engage with their colleagues. A shared space helps people feel connected, which we know is important for individual and team health,” said Sanjay Rao, Head of Corporate Development and Zoom Ventures.

In fact, a recent analysis of over 60,000 interactions on Welo found that the typical interaction is around 5 minutes, giving users precious time back in their day. A survey of a Welo team by Mercer’s ​​Employee Research and Engagement group overwhelmingly found that users reported enhanced efficiency and collaboration, while also feeling more supported by management and their colleagues.

Since launching 18 months ago, thousands of users in over 100 countries have relied on Welo as their shared office online, as well as to run dynamic virtual workshops.

Founded in 2020, Welo is currently used in over 100 countries and its team is distributed across the U.S., Europe, and Australia. Welo’s Zoom App is now in Beta.