Wednesday, October 4

Unicorn India Makes its Sixth Investment in Kerala in Inntot Technologies

The early-stage investors Unicorn India Ventures have declared their latest funds investment in a Kerala-based Software Defined Radio (SDR) startup called ‘Inntot Technologies’.

Unicorn India Ventures is a Bengaluru-based firm that provides funds to the startups at the very critical and initial stages, who have the potential and are ambitious to expand in the market. The company claims that they invest both, time as well as money, in the budding entrepreneurs who are passionate to bring a difference.

Whereas, Inntot Technologies is a non-government tech-oriented company which offers software solutions for digital radio receivers to make it cost-effective. It was founded by Rajith Nair and Prasanth Thankappan in 2014.

Inntot Technologies claims that it has raised funds to augment market efforts, obtain higher technology for equipment-testing, field-testing of solutions and appointing important personnel in crucial sectors like sales, marketing and software. This investment marks the sixth one by Unicorn India Ventures in Kerala.

Our mission is to ease a seamless switchover from analogue radio broadcast (AM and FM) to digital radio broadcast by providing high-quality and cost-effective digital radio receiver solutions that enable mass acceptance. Collaboration of Inntot with a technology savvy investor like Unicorn India, who shares our view, will accelerate our mission, says Rajith Nair.

Inntot, at present, is said to be the only company that is working on digital radio receiver software stack to make home and car audio affordable in India. Its software solutions are now being taken into consideration by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Asia for digital radio receivers.

Unicorn India has also occupied a board seat in the startup. Aayush Jain, Principal of Unicorn India Ventures has been designated as the Board Member in Inntot.