Friday, June 21

Email Marketing Service Provider Sarbacane Raises $27 Million in Funding

HEM, France, Sept. 8, 2020 — New York-based the Sarbacane Group, a publisher of applications for corporate communications raises $27M and takes on a new dimension in the digital marketing segment.

Sarbacane group provides email marketing and digital service in Europe.

The group built a range of products around its expertise in email marketing, text messaging campaigns, and marketing automation, introduced in late 2019, and Datananas, a Paris-based startup acquired in April 2020.

IDI, one of the leading listed investment companies in France, is investing nearly $10 million in the company alongside the management, under the leadership of founder Mathieu Tarnus, who remains the majority shareholder. This move underpins an ambitious strategy of innovation and external growth

The company generated $13M in revenues in 2019, and will invoice more than $16M in consolidated revenues in 2020. The startup has grown considerably and now has around one hundred employees.