Friday, March 1

Steve Wozniak Slams iPhone X Face ID, Said He Was An Early Investor In Bitcoins

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pple co-founder Steve Wozniak (aka “Woz”) shared his insights about his experience with iPhone X. Talking about Apple’s flagship smartphone which was launched on its 10th anniversary, is something Woz said,”..its not what I would want.

He also highlighted the point that digital giants like Google and Facebook are raking in massive profits, at the expense of consumers. Wozniak was one of the speakers at the one day conference at Pivot Summit in Geelong, focused on providing insight about emerging tech.

Pivot Summit is held annually aiming to bring Australian and international thought leaders to share their views on future of digital.

Speaking at the summit, Steve Wozniak shared some of his college memories where he used to type term papers throughout the night and design in-house movies for hotel televisions.

“Whenever I did these projects for people … five cents was my charge,” he told an audience in Geelong.

“That came from my college days, because when you love something, you don’t need money for it.”

He detailed the time of his childhood when he used to love doing pranks and phone phreaking and his not so smooth relationship with Steve Jobs.

“I was always the inventor, the designer and the creator of something amazing, and then Steve would come along and say ‘we could sell this’.”

When asked about Steve Jobs, he compared him with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the similarity not being in the ideas, but in the vision. Woz also compared Jobs with Donald Trump raising the prospect of some shady characteristics.

“Steve Jobs never understood computers, hardware or software, but he did understand people” he said.


Talking more about the iPhone X, Wozniak said that Apple CEO Tim Cook sent him an iPhone X. His verdict- “I kinda like it.

When asked about Bitcoins, Woz revealed that he was an early investor in Bitcoins, but after having seven Bitcoins stolen, he gave up on the idea.


Talking more on iPhone X’s Face ID, he said,”It works fine, but it’s not what I would want”

“I think what I would want is Touch ID on the back. I’d want that more than anything. Face ID slows down my Apple Pay, and it fails enough times I have to keep typing the password”

“I have friends who actually turned off Face ID and turned passwords on to make their phone simple to use”.

Woz even revealed he didn’t want an iPhone X, but was sent one by Apple:

“I wasn’t going to get the iPhone X, but Tim Cook’s office heard I wasn’t going to get it so they sent me one, and I bit the bullet”.