Sunday, June 23

Indias IT Exports Revenue Growth Will 9-10% This Fiscal: T V Mohandas Pai

The revenue growth of Indian IT exports this fiscal is likely to be slower than industry body Nasscoms projection of 10-12 per cent, according to industry veteran T V Mohandas Pai.

“The figures could be lower than what Nasscom has said. But its still (expected to) be good figures. They forecast 10 to 12 per cent, I would say 9 to 10 per cent is something that could be more reasonable because we already have seen in the first quarter some companies not meeting numbers…second quarter, some companies going quiet. So, 9 to 10 per cent is reasonable,” the former Board member at Infosys said.

A clear picture would emerge after companies announce results for the September quarter, which is generally good for them.

“Europe is beginning to look better. Brexit has hurt the UK. America… we have to see what happens. Some industries are going quiet. So, we need some time, its too premature to say anything. In 30 days, we will have a clear picture,” he added.

“We have to wait to know the real impact of Brexit. Its too premature how companies are going to react. See whats happening is all business in the UK has come down by 10 per cent in rupees because of currency impact. And (the) UK is about 15 per cent of Indias exports. So, 15 per cent (10 per cent of 15 per cent) means, it will come down by 1.5 per cent (currency impact).

Australian currency is appreciating. We do not know how Euro will behave in the next three months. So, we have to wait. Its too uncertain to take a call,” he said.

On what Indian IT companies have to do to improve operational efficiency and cost-cutting, the Chairman of venture capital fund Aarin Capital Partners, and Manipal Global Education, said the sector has to automate and become more productive but added that they are already doing that.

“They have to get into the consolidation mode, buy up smaller companies… because the industry is consolidating and they must become cost-efficient which is not difficult. I think they are all doing that, people know it, they have been through ups and downs for the last 20 years. Its a mature industry. They have got good management. You have to give them some time,” Pai said.

He denied suggestions that the IT services industry is witnessing retrenchment of employees, and stated that it?s a “normal attrition”.

Pai, a former Chief Financial Officer and HR head at Infosys, termed as “very normal” the increasing number of start-ups shutting shop.