Sunday, June 23

Tesla Recalls 1,617,643 Vehicles in China Over Safety Concerns

Beijing, 5th Jan 2024: In a recent announcement, the government regulator has mandated a recall of 1,617,643 Tesla vehicles, comprising both imported and domestically produced models. This recall affects various popular Tesla models, including the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y, manufactured between August 26, 2014, and December 20, 2023. Notably, this recall covers a significant portion of the vehicles Tesla has sold in China.

The recall has been initiated due to two critical safety concerns identified by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation. The first issue affects 7,538 vehicles and involves a problem with the door unlock logic control. Specifically, in the event of a collision, the non-collision side door latch may detach from the latch mechanism, leaving the door unlocked and potentially endangering the passengers’ safety.

To address this concern, Tesla will employ an over-the-air (OTA) software update, allowing owners to conveniently upgrade the software without visiting a Tesla store. This update will effectively prevent any unwanted disengagement of the door latch and ensure passengers’ safety even in case of a collision.

The second issue identified affects a staggering 1,610,105 vehicles and pertains to the automatic assisted steering function. Drivers may unintentionally misuse the level 2 combined driving assistance function while the assisted steering is activated, thereby increasing the risk of a vehicle collision and posing significant safety risks.

Similarly, Tesla will use an OTA software update to rectify this issue without the need for owners to physically bring their vehicles to a store. By deploying this update, Tesla aims to enhance the driving experience and reduce the chances of any mishaps caused by driver error.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be directly notified by relevant Tesla branches, including Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd., through registered mail, SMS, and other communication methods. Moreover, Tesla offers a dedicated customer service hotline (+86 400-910-0707) that users can contact for any additional assistance or clarification regarding the recall.

In conclusion, Tesla has proactively initiated a substantial recall of over 1.6 million vehicles due to safety concerns. By swiftly addressing the issues related to door unlock logic control and assisted driving function, Tesla aims to prioritize customer safety and provide an efficient solution without inconveniencing the owners.