Friday, December 1

Google Making Efforts to Enter China With a Subsidary of Waymo

The popular technology company Alphabet Inc. is putting good efforts to build a presence in China with a new subsidiary of Waymo based in Shanghai.

Waymo is one of the world’s leading autonomous car designers. The company has claimed that it has set up a legal entity in the country and has people working there, however, it hasn’t commented on its further plans.

This move seems to be a great effort by Google to move to China where many of its Google services are blocked. However, the autonomous industry is growing so rapidly that it makes sense for Alphabet to get in as early as possible.

It has also been reported that the company might not bring in an autonomous ride-hailing service in China, however, it will be focusing on logistics consulting, supply chain, and autonomous driving parts and product design. The company’s subsidiary will be working on building out a supplier network not launching a service there.

Apart from this, Google has also joined an investment in Chinese live-stream mobile game platform called Chushou. Also, it has launched an artificial intelligence game on social media mobile application WeChat, which is owned by Tencent Holdings Ltd.

It was earlier this year that Beijing issued licenses to automakers allowing self-driving vehicles to be road-tested in Shanghai. Google is trying to take a good advantage of it and is making good moves to enter the Chinese market.