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The Huge Commercial Market Behind St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

California, SF, 03/16/2021: St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish cultural celebration that extends beyond the Irish shores. It is usually celebrated on the 17 of March every year as this is believed to be the date St. Patrick died in 461 AD. He is often celebrated as the person who introduced Christianity to the Irish people. 

Many people see this day as an opportunity to get back to their Irish roots and have a party. People commemorate this day in different parts of the world, including the UK, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. It is arguably the most celebrated festival in the world. As a result, it usually presents the perfect opportunity for all businesses globally. 

A Typical Modern-Day St. Patrick’s Day Event

The present-day St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are influenced by Irish people living in other countries. They are responsible for the inception of the parades, music and some of the decorations you see today. 

The celebrations usually entail a festival like a public parade if it is on a bigger scale. The participants put on green and Irish décor comprising shamrocks, flags and green ribbons during the celebrations. In some parts, the celebrations are more formal; however, these are losing out to the pub and restaurant-based celebrations. 

The Commercial Market behind the Celebrations

Ireland Tourism Boost

St. Patrick’s Day is a massive contributor to Ireland’s tourism industry. On the 17 of March each year, the country receives visitors from all over the world. Some are natives coming back home, while others are foreigners coming to enjoy this day. 

With people flocking the country, all business operators get a boost in their businesses. For instance, hotels, pubs, restaurants and other tourist attraction sites usually have booming business during this day. 

St. Patrick’s Day Garments

It has become routine for participants of this day’s celebrations to wear green clothing, accessories or shamrocks. The shamrocks are included because people believe that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity. 

This is a business opportunity for cloth lines, hats, and other party equipment, manufacturers. There are usually billions of dollars going around that a savvy business can have a share of. The graphic illustration below by Betway shows how different parts of the world celebrate this day. As you can see, many years after his death, St. Patrick is still a blessing to many – worldwide.

Final Thoughts

St. Patrick’s Day is an all-around celebration that can appeal to almost everyone. Consumer-facing businesses usually benefit a lot from the celebrations. People are usually in the mood to spend during these celebrations that a strategic business can make an enormous profit during the celebrations. 

However, even other forms of businesses can profit from this historic event. For instance, you can use social media platforms to create brand awareness by actively participating in the day’s celebration conversations.

As you can see, every business can mark this day in different ways. What’s more, you don’t have to be Irish to take part in the celebrations or the business opportunities the celebrations present. Take part in this significant celebration to bring Irish luck to your business.