Friday, June 21

Swiggy Launches ‘Swiggy Packaging Assist’ for Packaging Solutions

The food delivery major Swiggy has announced the launch of a marketplace program called ‘Swiggy Packaging Assist’ for restaurant partners. This marketplace is basically launched for allowing packaging solutions to restaurants on its platform as it looks to diversify its play in the food technology sector.

The program will offer restaurants the access to a variety of packing solutions for their menu needs with about 30 products, to begin with. It will also connect restaurants with vendors of these materials. Also, it would offer eco-friendly and food grade certified materials including leakproof, sturdy, stackable, eco-friendly and heat insulant packaging materials.

Apart from this, the vendors on Swiggy Packaging Assist will offer discounts of up to 5% to restaurants opting for these solutions. The company for this purpose is building an on-ground team to offer customized solutions and consultation to restaurants with an aim to improve their quality of packaging.

Prior to this, many other players including Zomato have taken efforts to move towards sustainable packaging and reducing plastic waste. Zomato has an option to opt out of plastic cutlery and place an order to minimise the use of plastic. With this move, the new Swiggy marketplace will witness its catalogue expand to launch eco-friendly meal trays and other items made from materials like cornstarch and bagasse.

Along with this, the company is also working with various design consultants and manufacturers to bring in innovations to the quality of packaging available in the country. Currently, the new Swiggy Packaging Assist has been rolled out to restaurants in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune, and is expected to come up in other cities in the coming three months.