Wednesday, October 4

What kind of Startup Services a “Bikaneri Sweet Shop” Owner Needs?

Recently India has popped out as a huge market for the startup world. It is yet developing and is attracting not only corporates but local vendors and distributors. It is not to be reminded how companies, that were started just in a room have now achieved a huge success that used to take centuries to expand to such an outreach within a year or so.

Trying to compete and cope up with the market, and bring about a change in his father’s business Mr. Ishan Goel, a 25-year-old, who is well known as the owner of two shops named as Aggarwal Bikaneri Sweets both in Sec-16 Noida plans to reach out to it. Mr. Ishan Goel has been in the food industry for 9 years now and has been operating in various fields such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale and commercial retail. He has done his former education from Switzerland and has planned to take after his father’s business and give it a complete new dress-up so that it may evolve from two retail stores to a successful company!

These Aggarwal stores retails approximately 300 various products such as namkeens, namakpaara, matthi etc. under its own name. They have two outlets and a separate manufacturing unit for the making of these products. Mr. Ishan has a dream, a dream of making its products’ outreach to a much wider extent, and this dream could only be fulfilled when he gets a platform, a platform that can increase as well as improve its exposure over a larger area. Being a retail store, currently people only living in the vicinity of its outlets are familiar with the products and its service. Aggarwal Bikaneri, dreams to serve a much larger number of people and claims to bring about a revolution in the way, the people have always looked upon the sweets. He already provides unique products such as Chocolate and mango flavoured sweets made and packaged under their names which has become so popular that they often are out of stock!

With the blessings and the experience, he earned from their forefathers, Mr. Ishan sees a future where its fruits could be shared at a much larger level than now. The combined footfall of its both outlets is approximately 1500 people every day, which shows how people already are loving its made by Aggarwal and sold by Aggarwal products! In order to maintain that number of footfall and yet expand to its horizons, Aggarwal requires a huge social marketing.



So in a nutshell, here is the answer to- what type of startup service does a store like this needs?

A Platform

The most important need is the establishment of an online platform or a portal through which they can offer its services and products to the on net users. This platform should be easy to manage and user-friendly that could give both, the owner and the user the information they are looking for in a few swipes or clicks. It should be user-friendly and has a unique and attractive UI.


High Rate of Customer Satisfaction in Reasonable Prices

Aggarwals are familiar with the kind of competition they are into and understand the strategies of its famous rival business giants like Bikanerwala or Haldirams who have stayed in this type of business model for a very long time. Mr. Ishan Goel understands the toughness of the competition and hence aims at achieving a higher customer-satisfaction. In order to stay in the fight, Mr. Ishan Goel has been trying up with many startups like Zomato, FoodPanda and Limetray so that they could serve a large satisfied customer base. The innovation in the field of sweets in India is quite constrained. The barfi should taste like a barfi, a lot changes cannot be made in its taste, but a lot could be done in the field of reaching out to people, the advertisements and attracting customers. One of the major constraint is the budget line under which these services should fall. Mr. Ishan Goel is yet a small entrepreneur who like many could not afford famous yet expensive startups. He looks for a startup service who could serve the requisites and yet fall in his budget!


Punctual and well-organised Delivery service

Mr. Ishan Goel has been talking to several delivery companies that can deliver their products in time and yet fall its price fall in customer’s best favour. He sees that monitoring over and controlling various aspects regarding the delivery of their products is quite difficult for him to manage alone. Being the only one to manage the stores, it is quite difficult for him to look into the petty issues like delivery on time or the behaviour of a delivery man towards its customers. So, in order to overcome this, he expects to get a delivery service that is so self-regulative and efficient in its work. Hence, if a customer is willing to pay the delivery charge, which is 35 Rs, even a ₹12 samosa should be delivered to its home, regardless of the funda of minimum purchase.


The urge of Expansion through Social Media

The startup service should be fledged with the ideas and means of promoting their business over the social media, be it Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or many more social platforms. The startup service should know how to approach the customers and also suggest the offers and uniqueness of the product the Aggarwals are providing through their portals. Accordingly, the more is the availability of the product for the user to order from its home, the more will be its demand. People now usually associate sweets with festivals only! They only reach out to sweet stores when they have a function or they are off to meet their relatives. But nowadays that place too is being replaced by packed chocolates and dry fruits which claims to come with longer usability duration. He claims that his packaged sweets are equally good in taste and will long last without any added preservative like in chocolates. Why wouldn’t people buy the real Indian Sweets if it serves better than the Exported Chocolates and cakes.


The Qualified and Professionals for Expansion and Improved Services

What Mr. Ishan grieves about is the lack of qualified and educated personnel’s interest in the Indian Sweet Industries. People will often choose to work for a pizza company or a company associated with big name, instead of taking interest in a small Sweet company. People are now more cautious about the Tag along working with the big companies. This resistance the further advancement and expansion of the local Indian Sweet Industries. Mr. Ishan would love qualified and interested people to join him in this campaign and make India a Sweeter Nation!

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