Tuesday, November 28

HCL Collaborates with US-based Pivotal Software to Open Cloud Native Labs

HCL Technologies has entered into a partnership with US-based Pivotal Software for the purpose of working on cloud-native software applications. The company is planning to open its own cloud-native labs across London, Dallas and Noida.

With the help of this partnership, the companies could create advanced cloud-native applications for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), the cloud-native application platform. Such software applications are used in business process transformation.

“HCL Technologies’ collaboration with Pivotal is significant as it enables the full spectrum of cloud-native services for our customers,” said Kalyan Kumar, CTO, HCL Tech. “Our range of cloud-native services to be offered on PCF, combined with HCL’s existing services, will allow us to execute complex application migrations and new digital projects at scale, as well as help set up, maintain, and support advanced cloud-native platforms to enable our customers’ digital initiatives.”

Following the deal, HCL will use Pivotal’s software and Platform Acceleration Lab, an immersive training experience to learn PCF, microservices architectures, and continuous integration and delivery practices.

Also, the tech giant is looking to open cloud-native labs in London; Dallas, Texas; and Noida, India. This would allow the companies to both build new and modernize existing infrastructure and applications for deployment to PCF.