Thursday, April 18

Apple Ties up with Salesforce to Bring Siri to More Business Apps

The technology giant Apple has entered into a partnership with an American cloud computing company Salesforce for the purpose of building the iPhone maker’s features such as its Siri voice assistant deeper into Salesforce’s own mobile apps. Salesforce apps are widely used in the sales and marketing industries.


This is a beneficial deal for Salesforce and in turn, the company will build software tools so that the big businesses that use its back-end technology to power their own apps can make better products with features specific to iPhones and iPads.


“If you look at enterprise in general, voice has not been used as much as in consumer,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said. “We’re going to be able to provide the sales rep instant access to things using your voice instead of clicks and going through different apps. We’re changing the way people work, and that’s always been at the heart of what Apple is about – changing things for the better.”


Salesforce will build tools so companies that tap into its back-end systems can make better use of Apple-specific features like Siri. As part of the partnership contract, Apple and Salesforce will add courses on how to develop iPhone and iPad applications.