Saturday, April 13

A Digital Lending Platform Partners with Eko India to Enable Credit Line Services

Indifi Technologies, a digital lending platform for small enterprises has entered into a partnership with Eko India Financial Services for the purpose of enabling credit line services to Eko’s cash distributors based on their transactions and trading activities through the portal.

Following this partnership, Indifi aims to considerably fasten the movement of funds for a massive segment of small and medium-sized cash-based businesses.

Eko, through the ‘Connect’ portal works with multiple distributors serving as community cashiers for retailers across the country. This transfers amount on their behalf to customers, suppliers, dependents in their family, or any other intended recipient. Eko has serviced more than 40 million customers as of now.

“Our partnership with Eko will further our vision of facilitating financial inclusion for India’s huge SME sector. By providing Eko’s cash distributors with the credit line services, we will also help empower a greater number of retailers across the country to access the company’s simple and convenient money transfer solution,” said Alok Mittal, chief executive officer, Indifi Technologies.

At present, the network of Eko has more than 180 partners and one lakh merchants across more than 150 cities which is continuing to grow aggressively with the addition of 5000 merchants each month.