Sunday, June 23

Okinawa discontinues lead-acid battery scooters to sell lithium-ion Version

New Delhi, Dec 10, 2020: Electric two-wheeler maker Okinawa discontinued the sale of lead-acid battery-based scooters and will be focusing on the lithium-ion versions only.

The startup started its journey in the country with the lead-acid scooter Okinawa Ridge and had later introduced four lead-acid scooters in three years.

Gradually, the brand moved on to the lithium-ion detachable battery-equipped e-scooter versions, which received overwhelming response due to better technology and addressed the charging problem of the users.

“We are shifting to 100 per cent lithium-ion battery pack based two-wheelers. When we launched the brand, lead acid was the most advanced option available in the market. Now, with rigorous growth of the industry and the brand, we have taken a step ahead and have discontinued lead-acid battery pack-based products,” Okinawa MD and Founder Jeetender Sharma said.

Not only will the company products be equipped with lithium-ion battery packs offering efficiency, but they will also come with detachable batteries ensuring convenience to the users, he added.

Since its foray into the market, Okinawa has retailed over 34,000 units of lead acid-based products in the country. In all, the brand has sold over 74,500 units and plans to sell around 90,000 units by the current fiscal-end.