Monday, May 27

OYO Acquires Mumbai Based IoT Startup AblePlus

The pocket-friendly hospitality chain OYO has announced a new acquisition. The company has taken over an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company known as AblePlus Solutions Pvt. Ltd for an undisclosed amount.

After this acquisition, the hospitality startup will be bringing in IoT into the basic zones of their hotel management system.  The main purpose of this acquisition is to enhance its technology portfolio with the help of artificial intelligence and much more. OYO objects to create a sustainable ecosystem through technology and artificial intelligence for managing hotels and assets as stated by the company.

Anil Goel, OYO Chief Technology Officer said,

“With the introduction of IoT into the basic precincts of hotel management, we aim to enhance customer and partner experiences by roping in the best of technology capabilities that are changing how India sees hospitality today.”

After the implementation of these technologies, the customers will now be able to have a look at IoT server-managed smart locks, self-check-ins (supported by digital arrival and departure register) and also self KYP with Aadhaar.



The company stated that the intervention of improved technology will enable remote monitoring to manage rooms across properties. Through this, they will be able to achieve enhanced operational efficiency and thus building a bigger and high-level stakeholder experience.

This acquisition will also allow OYO team to track assets across properties in a better way, and also help in the reduction of wastage of electricity and reducing the carbon footprint.

“As one of the first startups that is an early adopter of IoT-powered technologies, we look forward to delivering new, advanced applications for key vertical markets that will offer elevated customer experience. This will take OYO a step closer to consolidating its vision of creating beautiful living spaces across India,” the company stated.

Along with this, in the near future, voice-based assistance in rooms, that would enable automation of controlling appliances and lights among other services will also be introduced. Also, the company may come up with a comprehensive guest entertainment programme which will consist of fitness, gaming and augmented activities.

With the introduction of all these tech-related innovations, OYO is sure to reach heights and build its brand image in a more efficient way. This move may also help the company to increase its customer base.