Zostel Delhi, Live it now, Cherish for life

Zostel Delhi, Live it now, Cherish for life

They say: “To travel is to live and backpackers live each and every moment of travelling!!”

Backpacking is thoroughly associated with amusement because of the milestones achieved during the journey. The people we meet, the experiences we experience, the wisdom we share, makes the destination more desirable. All these events are very well complimented when you have a perfect place to crash-in while travelling through the timeline. And when it comes to the place for backpackers, which place can be better than Zostel.


Zostel from outside

Zostel is India’s first chain of branded backpacker’s hostel and one of the most amazing ones Pixr8 has ever covered! Zostel provides accommodation facility for those who wishes to meet new people and exchange travel stories and want to live throughout the stay. It is for those who prefers a safe, hygienic, centrally located and affordable stay, but at the same time want a relaxed and super friendly experience.

Let’s visit Zostel together to cherish what every backpacker cherishes every time he/she visits.

First Impression:

Entering through the main lobby, we felt like a grand bungalow type staircase is welcoming us to the hall. The walls saying it loud the fun we are about to breathe in the premises. “100 things that we do at Zostel” marked on the canvas-tic walls expresses the fun-filled zone we just entered.

First impression

frst imp

100 things that we do at Zostel

The Hall AKA Fun Zone:

The hall, which is more of a theater-cum-sports arena is full of sources that may help you rejuvenate yourself. Be it a game of table football, guitar playing, or watching a movie while crashing on a couch, everything tends to help win the lost energy battle with from the journey.


The Hall AKA Fun Zone


The Hall AKA Fun Zone


The Hall AKA Fun Zone

The Accommodation:

Moving towards the accommodation section, we found that there are various types of accommodation available as per the customer’s need and pocket allowance.


Types of Accommodation

There are superior dormitory rooms for economical stay. Female backpackers may choose between superior mixed dorm and superior female only exclusive dorm . There are also luxury rooms for a luxurious stay. There are even luxury suits which extends luxury to a much comprehensive level.

acc 1

The Luxury Suite


The Luxury Room


The Dormitory


The Dormitory

What is this place?


Caption yourself

Just caption yourself what this space might be for! A simple yet elegant yet beautifully assembled space full of peace and spirituality!

The hallway and The Lift:

Passing through the hallway to lift we felt a fusion of ancient yet ethnic and modern world architecture. The hanging lanterns, the lift structure, the movie themes on the walls, everything just kept on adding up to the interesting part.


The Lift


Hanging Lanterns spreading elegance in the space

lift 2

Amazing creativity, isn’t it?

The Services:


The Services

Not only these, various events are organized at zostel for helping backpackers to know and interact with each other. Some of the events include Walk & Talk, City Walks around the city, etc.

Zostel Visa Stamps:

Zostel celebrates your visit each and everytime with Visa Stamps. Each and everytime you collect a visa stamp you add discounts and goodies to your tally. A combination of two visa stamp gives you a 25% discount on your stay, while 3 visa stamp is the ticket for free 3rd night stay. A collection of four visa stamps gifts you a Zostel T-shirt and five stamps gives you free breakfast during all your stay. Six stamps are the gateway to free second  night stay and if you transact through seven visa stamps, you get 2 nights stay on the house!!

The most amazing fact we acknowledged was, irrespective of spending a very little on marketing part Zostel is still creating buzz among the backpackers. Most of the revenue comes from foreign backpackers and Indian backpackers from the metro cities.

Pixr8 Note:

We strongly recommend Zostel to those backpackers, who just wants to extend their joy of travelling along with the stay too. Cook food, help yourself with your stuff and feel at home, do anybody need more? One heck of a place, One heck of services!!

What’s more, Pixr8 users will get additional 10% discount on booking, Subscribe to Pixr8 and apply PA10 while booking to save more. Hurry, offer valid till stocks last!!

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