You Take Rest, SERVURANCE App Will Clear The Mess

You Take Rest, SERVURANCE App Will Clear The Mess

There are so many things in our day to day life that we depend on manual help for, for our basic necessities and getting that services on time and with minimum efforts becomes very tedious. How about an online access and a user friendly application for major and even minor household tasks like cleaning and other stuffs? Cleansening and hygiene go hand in hand and we often overlook their importance. An app called SERVURANCE provides solution to this problem and strikes just the right chord.

Servurance, the application, gives premium Deep Cleaning Services to Homes and Offices in Delhi/NCR and other metro cities. Servurance uses world class hardware and cleaning specialists to clean and sterilize your home.

Their staff is well rounded, prepared and confirmed to guarantee your well being and an extraordinary cleaning knowledge. Team offers various economical packages and likewise claim to fame cleaning services like steam cleaning, couch and sleeping cushion cleaning, sanitation, exterior cleaning, floor covering cleaning and so forth.

Basically, the major issue solved by servurance is the negative feedbacks from customer supports for small household issues that one often does not give much importance to. It provides direct communication and instant booking for our requirements and provides customer services in a very well managed way.



How SERVURANCE Serves Basic Customer needs?

The end customers can upload any of their product with required details on the platform through the application. Once uploaded they can request any on demand request or a for resell etc with a mere tap. On the other hand, they have their back-end supply as a mix of brands,vendors and handymen’s basis use case and other variables as well. They manage the overall fulfillment bit through the in-house platform that caters use case specific workflows to be used by the end executioners. Their revenue source is the commission they get against these services from Brands,Vendors and Handymen’s and that is just how they go about it.


Advantage of these Services

The major advantage is that they have very less competition and the idea of customer support is very rare and therefore the growth rate and the scope for future enhancement of their business becomes very prominent. We can look forward to the expansion of this work to various other verticles also.

The idea behind this is very simple in a way to work as business to business or business to customers. The major perspective is to innovate this simple idea into a bigger business and to expand it to a larger extend.


Functioning Of Servurance

Customers can upload any of their products with required details on the platform through the app. Once uploaded, one can request any on demand request or resell etc on a tap. Team manages the overall fulfillment through their in-house platform that caters use.

servurance app

Servurance App


The start-up is looking forward to expand in all metro and tier 1 cities in upcoming months. Servurance team is looking to better customer’s experience using metrics and customer feedback. The startup is looking to raise fund in future.

Visit servurance.com and submit your mobile number on the box, below the website. Once you will submit the number, You will receive a message with attach link. Click on the link and download the app and start searching about the services they offered.

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