With Yessettle.com, avoid “Tareekh Pe Tareekh” in a Court

With Yessettle.com, avoid “Tareekh Pe Tareekh” in a Court

In India people often get disappointed by the repetitive story of “tareekh pe tareekh” concept risen in Indian Courts. Whether be it a matrimonial dispute, a minor misunderstanding between two business partners or any other type of litigation, people have always chosen to go to the District Courts or Family Courts. They generally don’t have any other option to escape and solve this litigation. But now, they have a choice! With Yessettle people now don’t need to go after advocates and bear their high profile fee structure, or wait for the scheduled date in the Law Court. They now have a platform which is complete and ready to solve any kind of litigations rose in any part of world.

Adding to the convenience factor, this platform is absolute free to join. Yessettle is one in the world’s first online platform which aims at reducing the litigation and creates a healthy and trouble-free atmosphere in the society. It is an effort where in parties at disputes come together on the Yessettle portal to settle their dispute online and that too free except where the parties need an expert online Mediator.

This portal will find many users who although want to settle their disputes but for the want of time & money and also due to fear of making rounds of courts don’t initiate the process of settling disputes through mutual talk. This fact has been taken care in developing this portal where there is no face to face talk between the parties and parties feel relaxed and comfortable while sitting at their respective places and start the process of settling dispute at a click of the mouse. This portal is also beneficial for dispute settlements in Banks, Insurance companies and other type of firms and their customers.

The USP of Yessettle

Yessettle is the World’s First Online Settlement Platform that enables its users to initiate the process of resolving any dispute with any other party anywhere in the world and it further helps them with its support in resolving the disputes through online mediator, where the mediator tries to resolve the dispute by breaking deadlocks and finding an amicable midway solution to which both the parties.

Rajinder Sharma, the founder of yessettle.com started working over the idea in September 2014 keeping in mind the beneficial factors for litigants adding to it, his 22 years of experience of legal practice. It occurred to him that many of the litigation can avoided by the parties in case they have a proper and comfortable atmosphere like home to sit together and to find a midway solution.


The Origin Of The Idea:

One of his client’s daughter who was a U.S. resident had a matrimonial dispute which was pending in Chandigarh Court and the court directed the parties to present before the Mediation Centre (where the mediators are Advocates) on fixed date. Approx. 15 days were wasted in the proceedings of Mediation with the intention to resolve the matter but nothing fruitful came out even after 5 to 6 meetings in the Mediation. During this visit he spent approx. 3 lakhs of rupees for said purpose and several hours in Court Mediation Centre. Then it occurred to Mr. Rajinder why not providing an online platform that could serve the same purpose without such tremendous losses.

It took almost 3 months to do the research work on the concept along with the expert help of Mr. Vikrant Rana, IIT(Bombay) alumni, Business Analyst from New Zealand to give the shape to concept. It was followed by the services of an expert designer to fulfil the same and it took about 8 to 9 month for developing the said platform.


The Types Of Customers Who Can Avail This Platform

Customer base generally covers various types of institutions like Banks, Insurance companies, Pvt. Companies et al. There are several Lakhs of N.P.A accounts in banks in India and Abroad. The net non-performing assets (NPAs) of banks had gone up 51% in FY13 to RS.92825/- crores. According to a recent CRISIL report, the gross NPAs of banks are slated to increase from 3.3% in March 2013 to 4% by March 2014.


About Organization

Yessettle.com is a team of 13 technical and experienced personalities lead by CTO, 20 Advocates are portal online Mediator, 3 C.A, 2 retired Judges, 3 retired Bank officials. CTO, CFO and other Management members along with Mediators are operating from their respective offices and meet daily between 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. at the main Yessettle office situated in Mohali.


The Settlers

Rajinder Sharma:
He is the founder of yessettle.com and had completed his Law Degree in the year 1992, thereafter started practising as an Advocate in Chandigarh Courts from Feb,1993 and is now exploring new and innovative technology solutions in the field of law that keeps him excited.


Krishan Joshi: He is the Chartered Accountant and is currently practicing as a CA for the last 18 years. He is an ex-Chairman of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, Chandigarh Region. His experience will be assets in fundraising and implementation of portal in Bank systems and processes to scale organizations.


Jagdip Singh: He is the CTO of the yessettle.com and has done Masters in Information Technology from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Since 2005 he is engaged in the business of Product Development and is managing multiple web products. Conceiving ideas, an engineer to the core, he comes with a strong understanding of usability, scalability, performance and optimization.


Jatinder Sharma: He is the Chief Legal Officer and handling the affair of an online Mediation of the portal and has an experience of more than 15 years in the field of Law.


Seema Bala: She looks at the overall business development and has a keen eye on combining technology and analytics to help businesses grow.


The Development Stage

The biggest challenge was to get the Accreditation from the Govt.Institutions.

There is a huge pendency of litigations in our courts at every level (there are more than 3 crores litigations in India) and the Govt. is leaving no stone unturned to reduce this pendency by, firstly creating forum of Mediation and Conciliation centre to settle the disputes out of court and secondly by organizing Lok Adalat on timely basis and are trying to get the Govt. accreditation.


The Competition

Currently Yessettle.com doesn’t have any competitors in the online market. No doubt! they are ready to compete in near future and they think competition is necessary as it continually pushes us to innovate and provide a higher standard of service to our user’s.

For now, Yessettle plans to launch this platform in other countries and also focusing on to bring more users on the platform and provide them best quality services. It also is focusing to tie up with the Banks, Insurance companies and other miscellaneous Companies.

Mr. Rajinder claims that, “Our mission is to provide a quicker, more cost effective and more satisfactory outcome than litigation as it takes months and sometimes years. The process through this platform can be paced according to the needs and schedule of the parties.”

According to him, parties who were once fighting after coming to this Platform and resolving their dispute are more likely to preserve an amicable relationship for the times to come.

Hence Pixr8 congratulates and wishes them a very good luck! The cause is humane and the idea is fascinating. With aim and aspirations set, Yessettle is now ready to serve the aspirants.


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