Why You Shouldn’t have Missed Out AngelHack Delhi 2015?

Why You Shouldn’t have Missed Out AngelHack Delhi 2015?

2nd Edition of any event promises to be more engaging and inspiring than the last, and in case of events such as AngelHack hackathon they are inherently more productive to say the least. AngelHack Delhi 2nd edition didn’t just come up to the expectations of the participating developers rather it had lot more on offer for its code-aficionados in terms of technology and the various platforms that were available from the software and internet industry behemoths from across the world to give the entrepreneurial-ideas a harder push.

AngelHack Delhi, a series of events organized worldwide in collaboration with start-ups, is an endeavor to bring together the growing community of software and application developers with the technology giants to help the community get acquainted with the latest offering of the software and the internet industry said Ratish, who looks after AngelHack India operations.

In a series of events lined up to be organized in India, this is the second installment of the hackathon put together in collaboration with Knowlarity Communications. The last one was brought together with the efforts of 91springboard.

AngelHack Hackathon at Knowlarity communications

Knowlarity Communications

AngelHack acknowledges the fact that India has a large pool of developers who constantly challenge to change the face of the IT industry with their world –changing ideas or rather their life shaping impact.

 “Had this been a one-time act we would have stuck to our timelines, instead we are seeing an increasing number of professionals currently working with established firms coming up with brilliant ideas. We saw a surge in the number of registrations by leaps and bounds and that has led us to add us more hackathons in the India series. We already have plans in place for hackathons to be conducted in Chennai and other places”, expressed Sheetal, who coordinates AngelHack activities across the globe.

This installment of Hackathon was sponsored by IBM Bluemix, AWS, HP, Mozilla and other relatively new names in the Indian IT market namely Clusterpoint and branch.

Within minutes of the commencement of the event, Knowlarity communication’s headquarter, which has partnered with AngelHack Delhi, was teeming with young developers ready to take on head to head. The event started with a small presentation round where the sponsors explained the know-how of the APIs on offer. HP ‘s Hitesh A Bosamiya, Technical Architect-Software, who was there to promote Haven(Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertico,Enterprise,N-applications)OnDemand, an application which has been in use by big enterprises, said we are aiming for the SMBs to leverage the potential of Haven OnDemand. Hitesh, seemingly in his 40s, felt to be more enthusiastic than any of the other sponsors. The challenge he put forth among the competing teams was– to create a web, mobile or an IoT (Internet of Things) which makes use of the APIs from Haven On Demand.

HP's team at AngelHack Hackathon

HP’s team at AngelHack Hackathon

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IBM Bluemix followed HP’s Hitesh. During the conversation with the participants, Bikram Nehra, Technical Specialist, explained how one can utilize the various APIs available from the cloud-based IBM Bluemix. Further explaining how versatile Bluemix was when it comes to developing applications.

Third in the queue was Mozilla’s team. On being asked what purpose they had there, Bhuvnesh, Community member at Mozilla, says,

“Mozilla is presently trying to grow its network of developers as we still are relatively unknown among the developers community, being a free source and a not- for- profit organization access to the resources is totally unrestricted for those who would like to contribute to the development of the browser.” Mozilla’s latest advancement i.e Mozilla firefox OS based Flame, mobile phone was on display and was up for grab, whichever team develops the best application for the OS.

Mozilla's team at AngelHack Hackathon

Mozilla’s team at AngelHack hackathon

Clusterpoint, an European technology company, engaged in development and support of Clusterpoint database, is a global sponsor for AngleHack Hackathon.

Gowrav, who represented the European company, said,

Cluster point is a cloud- based database management service (DBaaS). We are aware of the challenges, related to Big Data, being faced across various industry verticals and the promising insights that it hidden behind the huge data. This is our bit towards reducing the effort that goes into organizing and structuring that data.”

Finally, the list of sponsors was concluded by Jyotsana Jayaraman, Indian ambassdor, branch io,a deep linking application. branch io is another global sponsor for AngelHack Hackathon.

“We are relatively new in the Indian market. Considering the rate at which the world population has begun to share among the peers, we believe our application would help developers and the end users equally in making sharing more enjoyable and convenient”, said Jyotsana adding that branch is looking for the cleverest integration of its app by the developers.

With 36 hours of rigorous hard work, eyes constantly stuck to a computer screen and no-sleep, as could be observed from the drooping faces of the participants, a day after the event started, the event concluded with participants pitching their amazing web and mobile applications (ideas) developed by the them to the judges. The event saw applications such as HealthSure, Anand, Vizard, What’s that word, Monitor, Incognito, FestFolio,Doosra line up, InstaCharity ,Logio and there was Chestream ,a team led by Sourabh Tomar along with his five college mates from DTU ,which won the coveted trip to Silicon Valley, emerged as the winner at the event. Chestream,essentially,allows its users to capture live videos( selfie) and upload it over the network and share among the peers and ranks it based on the influence counted in the form of upvote it gets on the network.

With the participation of 40+ teams from across India, showing their innovative applications proved, if anything, there is still a wide gap between the need of the consumers, whether they are end consumers or the operating businesses, and its fulfillment which gives these aspiring entrepreneur, as developers, opportunities to bridge this gap.

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