When Life is as Busy as a Bee, Two Boys From Aligarh Bring The Taste at Your Doorstep

When Life is as Busy as a Bee, Two Boys From Aligarh Bring The Taste at Your Doorstep

Bringing to you something that holds equal stature in Agra as Taj Mahal

In the government-led contest “Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat”, a winner had suggested the idea of uniting India by the virtue of exchanging cultural knowledge between different states. A nation where food is considered as a reflection of the culture, one cannot agree more that exchanging food delicacies is one of the efficacious manners of bridging our differences. On similar lines, one can find the real essence of our platform Dilocious.com which sources sweets, savouries, dry fruits, tea and coffee from across the country and deliver them to its clientele.

With the continuum of field research, we present an immense diversity of items, ranging from taste budding Sund Panjeeri of Kashmir to crisp Banana Chips of Kanya Kumari, aromatic spices of Ooty to mouth-watering sweets of Bengal, lip-smacking petha of Agra to finest Namkeens of Indore.

We have been in the business for more than four months now and have dispatched packets across cities spanning thousands of kilometres away.


When did the idea Find its Inception?

The idea is considered to be a brainchild of two recent graduates of Aligarh Muslim University. One of them, Tarang, the man who feels sudden adrenaline push with every coming order, reveals

“One day, I saw myself fighting with my family over the last bite of dry fruit Kachori which had come from Gujarat. Thereafter, I began searching for a site to order more such delicacies but found myself disheartened; there were a lot of platforms operating in my city to get the best of sweets from the most popular shops of Aligarh, but I could not find anyone to bring the Kachori from Gujarat. This stayed with me for a long span of time and finally, I took the charge”.

Talking About The Team

Whether you talk about a man, who has a quirky mind of using his civil engineering skills to form the structure of operations and logistics, or a mechanical engineer who built a car once, and now assembles sweets; they have together ventured into the e-commerce market in the pursuit of their passion and aspiration. The start-up has also taken in the creative side of a girl who has added the bits here and there. To what is looked down upon as a fresh entry, there is a person hailing an experience of more than 8 years in sales and marketing who provides stability to the whole set up and has helped with most of the marketing strategies.

They make items available to you at the same price as they are available at their original local outlets. With a marginal amount of shipment and no delivery charges, you can enjoy your best-loved product sitting at your home and the perk of staying away from, the hitches of potholes on road and continuous overhead of missing on an important assignment.

With the coming of age technology, most of the people fear the quality of products delivered to them. They ensure you the freshness and richness of the contents. Hoarding bragging about the famous “Agra ka petha” or “Indore ki Namkeen” beguiles us to travel the distance but we end up eating the local imitation of the same due to our commitments towards our work. This little enigma is no more unsolvable.

Being a part of business is one side but the thing that excites us the most is the emotion attached to the food. As our customer from Delhi once said “You have made me nostalgic for the times when Dadu used to come from Agra and he always carried these boxes of Petha along with him”. We hope to enlighten more such memories and make your heart sparkle a little more than it usually does. Enjoy us at www.dilocious.com

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