Was That An iPhone 8 That Tim Cook Was Carrying In His Pocket

Was That An iPhone 8 That Tim Cook Was Carrying In His Pocket

People have been going crazy ever since last year to get a peek of Apple’s new iPhone 8.

The internet has been taken over with dummies of the iPhone 8 model and there are about a thousand videos describing about the probable specs of iPhone 8 alone. It is understood that the device is somewhere being tested in Apple’s labs and very much exists. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook might be using one and he might have flaunted us a glimpse of it.

Tim recently uploaded a picture of him with team members at CTS in Cincinnati, where he seemed to carry an iPhone 8 in his pocket. Besides there was no confirmation about it, people realized that the phone was too tall to be an iPhone 7 and too narrow to be a 7 Plus.

“Looks like Tim Cook is carrying an iPhone 8 in his pocket. It is too tall to be an iPhone 7 and too narrow to be a 7 Plus,” said one of the Twitter users.

Based on the previous leaks and rumours, the iPhone 8 has a height that falls somewhere between the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus. Looking at the pocket outlining of the device it is difficult to conclude if it’s the iPhone 8. It may even be the iPhone 7S Plus. However, the mystery might soon be out in the open as the iPhone launch dates are coming close.

Have a look for yourself and see if you are Sherlock enough to solve this mystery!



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According to the reports by NY Times, the price of iPhone 8 can fall around $999 in US. The iPhone 8 is expected to sport a bezel-less front and will be launched sometime in September.


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