Vivek Oberoi Buys Majority Stakes In Medical Startup SkyLimit Wellness

Vivek Oberoi Buys Majority Stakes In Medical Startup SkyLimit Wellness

Bollywood actor has recently shown interest in the startup ecosystem by buying majority stakes in a  multi-discipline regenerative medicine and anti-ageing facility SkyLimit Wellness Solution.

“I saw this as a very lucrative opportunity to get advanced American technology in the medical field to India and decided to partner Haresh. I have taken majority stake in the company and together we plan to invest over Rs 500 crore in the next three years,” Oberoi told ET.

Vivek and the founder of SkyLimit Wellness, Haresh M Mehta will be investing together a sum of Rs 500 crore over the span of 3 years in the company to open 150 clinics across the country.


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Oberoi said that the business model will allow a high return on investment and an average break-even period of three years, including upgrades.

Started back in 2012 in the US, it has currently two clinics there- Rock Hill in South Carolina and Decatur in Georgia and it aims at delivering alternate and non-invasive treatment for spinal disorders, therapies, arthritis and chronic pain. It uses the latest in medical and health technologies.

The company launched its India operations last year with a clinic in Juhu, Mumbai.

It will launch its flagship clinic in World Trade Centre in Mumbai on Saturday. Oberoi claims that the US clinics are currently treating 30,000 patients for obesity management, 15,000 patients for pain management, and 10- 12 thousand patients for diabetes and neuropathy per year.

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