Walk A Little To Use Uber ‘Express Pool’ For Cheapest Fares

Walk A Little To Use Uber ‘Express Pool’ For Cheapest Fares

Uber has now come up with another plan to offer another 25-30 percent slash on the prices of its share rides. With Uber Express Pool, it is asking you to walk a few blocks to reach the pickup hotspot and get off at the destination hotspot, which may be a minutes walk away from your actual destination.

Uber ‘Express Pool’ will surely provide the cheapest of the options out of its all other options. Here’s how it works:

This feature will access the map, and depending upon the easily located spots that are easier to drive and close to the origin or destination of various people seeking POOL in those areas; will dynamically create “smart spots”. Now people willing to hail Express POOL will have to walk upto theses Smart spots and walk upto their destinations after getting off at other smart spots.

This will help Uber drivers to divert from the city’s main streets and would eventually save more time of fellow passengers.

“Express POOL is a new kind of shared ride that begins and ends at convenient Express spots. Update your app today to start riding for as low as $2.”

This program is currently being tested in certain areas of Boston and San Francisco, which is gaining popularity and Uber is thinking of expanding it to more markets.

Uber with its cutting edge technology is working hard to add further innovation in the cab hailing services. With features like these, Uber will be increasing penetration of its services, further lowering down the use of public transit,bus and metros.




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