TLV Global Launchpad Aims To Immerse International Entrepreneurs Into The Startup City

TLV Global Launchpad Aims To Immerse International Entrepreneurs Into The Startup City

StarTAU in partnership with key players from the Israeli start-up ecosystem announces an open call for applications for the TLV Global Launchpad program

TLV Global Launchpad is a unique program created by StarTAU, Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center.

The program is designed to immerse 10 selected international startups and entrepreneurs, through a one-month
Going Global” program, into the Tel Aviv startup ecosystem.

TLV Launchpad will give international entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to learn more about Tel Aviv’s startup scene by meeting with local entrepreneurs, visiting accelerators and consulting with potential investors.

The program will combine workshops, mentorship sessions, B2B meetings with Industry experts as well as active coaching and speaker series providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Partners like: WeWork, Amdocs, Singulariteam, OurCrowd

The City of Tel Avis is the ultimate destination for entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, skills and experience with an incredible amount of leading multinational accelerators and entrepreneurship programs.

This kind of environment, packaged in the city’s young, cosmopolitan and non-stop character, encourages creativity and innovation. With 1,450 startups, the city of Tel Aviv has the highest concentration of startups per capita in the world, and has evolved into one of the leading technology and innovation hubs worldwide.

In addition, Tel Aviv University was recently ranked among the top 10 undergraduate universities generating some of the most successful startups over the past 10 years, raising a total of $12.4 billion in VC funding.

Elena Donets CEO, StarTAU: “People always ask me: ‘what do you do for global entrepreneurship? You produce courses, conferences, content and a lot of value for start-ups from Israel, but what about the world?’ – The Global Launch pad program was produced specifically to meet this need and give the proven Israeli experience from the experts and companies situated here. During this month-long program, 10 companies will learn the angle of the Israeli start-ups: to target the global market, efficiently and in a scalable fashion.”

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