This Is How Indian Merchants Can Make More Money On Amazon!

This Is How Indian Merchants Can Make More Money On Amazon!

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and America’s e-commerce giant is looking for ways to lower its prices and beat its competitors like Walmart. To achieve that, Amazon is actively recruiting Indian sellers for popular gift choices like leather products, luxury bedding and many more.

This season at least 27,000 Indian sellers have signed up on Amazon.com, to sell their products in America and across the continent.

The simple hack here for Indian merchants is to sell their product on Amazon.com as well instead of just selling them on Amazon.in

Giants like Tata Group, a conglomerate that sells its Titan watch line on the site, to smaller firms like The Boho Street, a peddler of vegan tapestries, incense and handcrafted copper mugs has already enrolled for the season.

It is clear that shopping/selling online is cheaper than on the stores because of obvious cuts in traditional importing, man-power and many more. Further to help Indian merchants get a better visibility for U.S. users, it has made a special page, Amazon.com/India making it easier for them to shop. There are around 17 million Indian products like sarees that are being sold globally, and items like jewellery and health products has wider appeal and attract customers of Indian heritage as well.

For Indian merchants like Abhishek Middha, founder of The Boho Street, Amazon provides almost turnkey access to the U.S. market. “Amazon handles everything in the U.S., from shipping to customer handling, so we can focus on making the best quality products and adding more products to our catalog,” he said.

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Mutual Benefit

The Indian programme is obviously very lucrative for Amazon.com. A merchant who chooses the full array of Amazon services, including advertising and contracting with the company to store and deliver the products from Amazon’s U.S. warehouses, typically hands over about a third of their item’s sale price as fees and commissions.

For the Indian merchants, they get better prices for their products under their brand name. Abhijit Kamra, who heads Amazon’s global selling program in India, said Americans already buy many products that are made in India, such as cotton towels.

While Amazon.com has sellers hailing from many countries, Cheris said that India and China are the two most important places for Amazon to recruit new merchants, since both nations are sources of cheap manufactured goods.

As per the feedback from some of the merchants who sold their products on Amazon.com and Amazon.in, find the later one less appealing. With a per-capita income of $1,600 a year, most Indians are unwilling to pay anything close to the prices that sellers can command in the United States.



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