These 5 Companies Dominate China’s Smartphone Market, Samsung Is Not Among Them!

These 5 Companies Dominate China’s Smartphone Market, Samsung Is Not Among Them!

Chinese market is the most popular smartphone maker and market in the world. China is now the world’s largest smartphone market and continues surging forward as its economy and people ramp up their consumption of things to match their already vast production.

Kantar Worldpanel shows that now China’s top five phone vendors own the market accounting for 91 percent of the overall market. The top five brands are;

  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • Apple
  • Vivo
  • Oppo

That’s up from 79 percent a year earlier, extending a lead that now sees companies like ZTE, Meizu, and Lenovo struggling to find a foothold in their home country. Global smartphone leader Samsung is now at a 2.2 percent share in China and deteriorating, according to Kantar’s Dominic Sunnebo.

Each of these companies have selected a sector, focusing on their target audience. Oppo and Vivo have prioritized rural China and set up a network of offline stores that focus on the customers who might still not be on internet for purchasing. While Xiaomi has made dominance over the internet through its dedicated online promotions and campaigns. The major resurgence that Xiaomi has enjoyed over this past year has been down to a new strategy of integrating more real-world stores with its already successful online strategy.

Huawei on the other hand focuses on urban China which has helped it to grow as one of the leading brands. Lastly, Apple has maintained its status as a premium smartphone brand, with its 10th anniversary phone, iPhone X boosting its numbers.




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