Startup Incubator thinQbate Launches with its First Cohort of 6 Emerging Startups

Startup Incubator thinQbate Launches with its First Cohort of 6 Emerging Startups

The last year has been a landmark year for startups in India. As per the Nasscom report, India ranks third among global startup ecosystems with more than 4,200 new-age companies. Aimed at supporting this growth, thinQbate, a new thinking incubator launched in Mumbai today.

Based on a community and entrepreneur first approach to angel investment and incubation, it hopes to create an ecosystem that will identify, nurture, and leverage on the success of a concept.

thinQbate aims to help annual cohorts of fresh ideas and minds thrive by providing a physical space to work in, support from its expert partners and showcasing entrepreneurs based in thinQbate and through events, in-house & external, through the year.

Focusing on the importance of providing a favorable ecosystem for the start-ups, co-founder of thinQbate, Pranav Marwah said, “At thinQbate, we want our start-ups to only concentrate on creating sustainable businesses. We endeavour to give entrepreneurs the resources and autonomy in decision making, enabling innovation & creative thinking. Our model is simple – as an entrepreneur, we want you to continue doing what you do best, leave us to do the rest.

After months of talking to and evaluating many interesting startups, thinQbate has chosen to work with a diverse lineup of exciting startups:

  • Faclon – an Internet of Things (IoT) company providing end-to- end solutions for remote monitoring and automation of water distribution systems.
  • Hashtag Loyalty – a universal digital loyalty & marketing automation tool that helps businesses stay connected, engage with & bring back their customers more often.
  • Redesyn – a fashion-tech company, building India’s first custom design platform for independent artists and designers.
  • Superfan.ai – an artificial intelligence powered celebrity fan management chatbot.
  • Taleho – a social network for real estate focused of real unbiased content about people, places and properties.
  • Vahanalytics – a smartphone based technology makes better drivers through smarter data.


Summarizing the four pillars that set apart thinQbate, co-founder Arjun Madhavan said,In a world with cut throat competition, startups could use all the edge they can get. Here they not only get a potential range of capital choices, but also a host of intangible benefits including mentorship, expertise and networking.”

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