SHAREBOARD – Cloudless Mobile File Sharing App developed by Ex-IITians

SHAREBOARD – Cloudless Mobile File Sharing App developed by Ex-IITians

Shareboard is cloudless, mobile file sharing app which allows one to share files with his phone contacts and nearby users in much simpler and faster way.

Shareboard allows browsing and downloading files directly from friend’s mobile using peer to peer technology and transfers data directly from device to device without storing them on Cloud, which gives much faster speed than cloud services.

The idea came when we were not able to share holiday trip photos and videos with each other. At last, we had to copy photos & videos from mobile to desktop then to hard disk and personally reach out friends to pass it. Apps like Whatsapp not only have a File size limit but also reduces the quality while Dropbox takes a lot of time to upload data on Cloud.


About Shareboard Team

Shareboard is started by team of 5 people (ex IITians, ex-Oracle, ex Goldman Sachs)- Pawan Kumar, Divyanshu Singh, Arpita Singh, Gagan Chaudhary, Ranjeet Kumar to make file sharing simple and fast. The Team has graduated from IIT BHU and has been best friends from last 8 years. Everyone on the team is technically sound. In addition to that, each team member brings different experience:-

Pawan (CEO) comes with entrepreneur skills. He has co-founded a startup before, which allows the user to order food online (mastmenu.in) and also filed a patent on widget wiring with IBM.

Team shareboard

Team shareboard

Divyanshu (CSO) has worked with Goldman Sachs and Oracle. He has worked closely with the front desk trading team comes with financial expertise and strategy planning.

Arpita (COO) brings UX and Designing experience to the team. She has worked with two early stage startups and has good knowledge of enhancing growth curve and handling the operation of the startup.

Gagan (CFO) has 4 years of experience in software development, with a good insight of market analytics and customer behavior.

Ranjeet (CTO) has more than 4+ years of experience in complete software development life cycle, with overall responsibility from managing the team to handling day to day responsibility of the project.
The team is comprised of individuals with a variety of skill and backgrounds which makes the team strong and capable of executing most of the tasks in house.

Shareboard was incubated at Joyful Frog Digital Incubator in Singapore which is Asia’s No. 1 Startup Accelerator and now is in touch with angel investors to raise its next round of funding. Shareboard pitch can be found  here.

The company recently launched its version 2.0 in April 2015, with new feature like sharing files with nearby users on Wi-Fi, increased speed in download and better sharing interface.

Shareboard a file sharing app

Shareboard app

With Shareboard, users can share any size or type (photos, videos, documents, apps, folders etc.) of files instantly. Sharing files of any size (1MB or 10GB) is just click away and happens within seconds as there is no upload required at the time of sharing. These files can be shared with one individual or more than a group of 100 people at the same time.

With its inbuilt notification, users are automatically notified when they receive files. Even on network loss, files are automatically resumed from where they have stopped.

Shareboard automatically detects when it is undesirable to use The internet, like sharing files within same LAN. In this case, file is transferred without using Internet data and hence saves the internet data charges.With the huge amount of app available in the market, still file sharing is complex and complicated on mobile devices. Some apps restrict on file size, some on type, some degrades the quality of photos and videos, and some works only within Wi-Fi. In most campuses or corporate LANs, we see people still using hard disk, USB sticks or expensive cloud services to share files.

Shareboard has already launched its android version and has 2000 registered users. The team is currently working on Windows Desktop App which is planned to release shortly. We strongly believe that Shareboard will be very helpful in spreading tutorial videos and learning applications within students. Using Shareboard students can share their lecture notes, project materials, video tutorials, presentations etc. with each other in a more effective way.

Next we will support other platforms such as Windows mobile app, IOS mobile app, Mac Desktop app. We are currently targeting students in India as our early adopters. In India, there are 36000 colleges having around 70 million students who use the internet on their smartphones. To start with, we are targeting 15 million students who have Wi-Fi access on their smartphones. We have future plans to expand Shareboard to startups and corporates.

Shareboard is simple & fast file sharing app. It is completely free now. Users can share unlimited files as there is no data limit as provided by other cloud services. Get Shareboard at goo.gl/8yXp3D

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