Push Notifications Have Higher Engagement Rates Than SMS or Emails

Push Notifications Have Higher Engagement Rates Than SMS or Emails

E-commerce giants unanimously agree that more than 50% of their transactions happen on mobile devices and the figure is expected to reach more than 70% by 2019. Amid the advent of cheap data plans, increasing broadband connections and plummeting prices of mobile devices, the users’ engagement like push notifications on mobile is higher than yesterday.

Reflecting on this latest trend and the rapid growth in the mobile sector, WebEngage recently hosted a panel discussion on ‘Mobile Growth’. The panelists included Avlesh Singh – CEO of WebEngage, Zishaan Hayath – CEO of Toppr, Nischal Shetty – CEO of Crowdfire and Sidharth Verma – CEO of Beewise among others. They stressed on the need to not stop relying on organic channels who give 100% authentic users rather than pricey channels who may give unsustainable rocket growth.

Avlesh Singh highlighted, “In this era, it is not only imperative to have mobile traffic but actually have the ability of traffic retention. It is easy to see big numbers in app downloads but due to lack of retention, some apps see 99% drops.

Push notifications have higher engagement rates than SMSs or e-mails because they lead to a consistent app experience where you can implement user-friendly forms, gather feedback or form other ways of interacting.”

The event also engaged with the delegates to discuss on the lack of meaningful engagement that most entrepreneurs face. All engagement programs today revolve around reaching out to users and only a few are concerned about the right approach to reach out. Zishan Hayath said, “Essentially, today we are not communicating with our audience, but we are bombarding them with a monologue.” Nischal Shetty agreed saying, “Keep the app experience as intuitive as possible such that there is absolutely no need of onboarding.”

Bringing together more than 100 entrepreneurs, marketers and techies from the Mumbai startup community, the event was held in association with Silicon Valley based firm Branchmetrics.

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