Proposl.co -  A company Which Reduces Your Sales Cycle By 30%

Proposl.co -  A company Which Reduces Your Sales Cycle By 30%

In a world where it is hard to run after prospects and catch them, we were glad to come across Proposl, a new sales enablement platform, which can profile your customers on the basis of engagement and reduce your sales cycle.

“The problem with online interactions lack of feedback. Unlike offline interactions, where a salesman can interpret the prospect’s body language, online interactions are majorly email, sales & marketing documents and phone. Our analytics engine & customer profiling helps give this missing feedback”, said Deepak Gupta, CEO of Palisade Technologies, the company behind Proposl.

Proposl is a platform that let’s you easily create sales documents, from invoices, to pitch decks, to MOUs and proposals, all under 60 seconds. And not just creation, the company claims to have developed a format which behaves like trackable, media rich PDFs.

“The best part about our documents is that they are dynamic. So you could add videos and animations, and track interactions at the same time.”, stated Abhimanyu Kapoor who handles operations at Proposl.

How it Works?


The analytics and insights help a sales admin to gauge a lead’s intent, so instead of following up and wasting time on all leads, she only spends energy on leads who have high engagement level. The platform also has an AI component, which ranks your leads, depending on their engagement, and follows up with leads which went cold.

These Delhi based founders share an impressive skill as well : all of them, right from the sales head to the operations head can code if necessary. Having worked at international big shots like Google and rising Indian stars like RepUp, Frankly (now closed) and others, the team has seen what it takes to build a company and know how to sustain one.

Having started with only a pitch deck and a list of prospects, Proposl has now taken shape and is being used extensively in the hospitality and real estate sector. SMEs also contribute to the customer base. Proposl cater to the sales needs of hotels, real estate agents and enterprise software vendors and help reduce their sales cycle by upto 30%. “Currently we are looking to bring good people on board, whose feedback will help shape the product for the global market”, said Shivek Khurana, the third co-founder at Proposl.

Like all other startups, Proposl too had a fare share of initial rejections, “There were times when people refused to meet us, after we had reached their doorstep. But our customers keep us going.”, said Deepak and Shivek.

“One thing we have learnt, is that startups are not rosy. They are like terrible wars, where you put everything at stake. They are hard, time consuming, unpredictable, sometimes even scary, but the goal we pursue is worth all the effort.”

Currently Proposl is in closed beta, and plan to open signups by the end of May 2017. The company aims to establish a stronghold in New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and then open the platform with automated onboarding and self-signup, for the world to use.

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