Team P8

Team P8 consists of some serious dynamic personalities filled with passion and ambitions that dares to look beyond the horizon!!


Nitish Singh, The Founder and Operations Head

After Graduating from UPTU, majoring in Electronics and communication, Nitish moved to Delhi to join IT industry. After working for  two years in firms like Aspiring minds and for Google India, he started working on his idea, Pixr8. He is all-rounder of Pixr8 team and have an excellent knowledge of computer networking, Digital marketing, Marketing. His vision is to promote and improve quality of start-ups and entrepreneurship work and produce a good resource for students who are not likely to involve much now in entrepreneurship. The idea of Pixr8 shows his clarity of vision to cover and improve start-up and big organization not for Pixr8 but for the world.


Mukul Verma, Co-Founder & Digital Media Head

Graduated in the stream of Information Technology, Mukul is a very good speaker and a digital media enthusiast . Mukul is very much interested in working with startups because he believes startups provides a perfect environment which can enhance capabilities, where learning part attains a whole new dimensions .


Shivam, Business Head (Pune)

Graduated in Computer technology from Ghaziabad, shivam is a freaking developer and writer. He is a startup enthusiast and love to learn anything to everything which comes his way. He is a good orator with powerful convincing skills which helps Pixr8 in business expansion mode in Pune.


Sonia Motwani, Senior Content Writer

Sonia is super inquisitive and fun-loving person. Besides being a full-time business analyst, she is hopelessly attracted to the start-up world. You can find her glued to her laptop either writing articles or watching the YouTube video of a stand-up comedian. If she could, she would sink into her bed watching funny and nonsensical memes and videos. She is currently discovering startups and covering them on Pixr8.


Rishabh Gupta, Content Writer
A love for stories and urge to be more exposed to the outer world made Rishabh to work with Pixr8 as a content writer. He chooses to go with his personal interest of writing and hence is a writer not only by profession, but also by heart and choice.


Arushi Gupta, Content Writer

Lively, talented, strong willed Arian, Arushi loves to experiment and innovate. A budding marketer – HR enthusiast – DIY artist – music lover – having more layers to her personality than hyphenated definitions can accommodate. Currently, she’s wrapping up her grad at DU and looking at the future with wonder and expectation. A keen explorer who has traveled extensively in India and aims to soak up the rest of the world soon!