Pinterest’s new headquarters, Office or Home?

Pinterest’s new headquarters, Office or Home?

Pinterest, the content sharing service provider has recently shifted its headquarters from the Palo Alto to a new spacious location at 808, Brannan Street in the San Francisco’s SoMa district. The new office is composed of two interconnected buildings. The smaller one is currently occupied by the employees while the larger one is under maintenance for a better working environment.


The map


Is it an office or is it a home? What is it?! The office has been designed to feel as comfortable as home. Everyone has a different method to relax, for social media giant, it looks like work and comfort are the Zen at Pinterest.



The comfort zone


For the Couch Potatoes



Swings in the Office!

Although many people think that Pinterest does not focus on engineering, but the inside culture is purely engineering-driven.  The design and the interior of the building looks like heaven for engineers, from recreational areas to working areas.


Engineer’s snack



For those with a sweet tooth!


“One of the things I love about the company culture is the work-life balance. I typically get to the office early and run with my colleagues before work, or go climbing or do yoga at the end of the day. We also have a lot of fun after work together. For example, we recently held an open mic night where employees sang, told jokes, and played music.”

Tracy Chou, Software Engineer at Pinterest

The building features some closed meeting rooms for those private discussions which require isolation and silence from the outside commotion.


The meeting rooms.




The software engineers at Pinterest are paid handsomely, with the average pay over $100,000. Management employees are paid more. The rewards of the hard work and dedication in the company are reaped instantly as the chance to work in an encouraging and cool environment like theirs is a reward in itself. The new office is designed to provide more motivation and inspiration to the employees so that they can give their best to keep Pinterest in competition with other social networks. The employees are quite satisfied with the work culture, environment and salaries.


Memory Wall

Let’s see if the new dig brings luck to the Pinterest team. //pic credits http://innov8tiv.com/inside-office-pinterest-awesome-workplace-photos/

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