Neymar Becomes The Most Expensive Footballer in the History

Neymar Becomes The Most Expensive Footballer in the History

Neymar has hit the headlines hard for leaving Barcelona and signing with Paris Saint-Germain on Friday after his $263 million (£200 mn) record fee transfer, which is more than the double of the world record.

PSG has officially signed the footballer for a 5-year playing contract, amounting to about £40 mn earnings per year.

The £200 mn is only the initial outlay, Paris Saint-Germain will also have to pay the Brazilian-star that amount in wages over the 5 year contract, as well as hefty fees to his father who is his agent and insurance premiums to protect their investment.

When asked whether the transfer was “money driven”, Neymar said it was “sad” that people thought that his move from Barcelona had been motivated by money.


“What I say to these people is they don’t know anything about my personal life. I was never motivated by money. If I was following the money, I would be somewhere else, with other clubs in other countries. I’m really sad that people still think that way and I’m glad that PSG believe in me.” said Neymar in an interview to BBC.

He said he joined PSG for the ‘motivation and challenges’.

When asked, beside being a star at Barcelona, whether the move was “because you were playing under the shadow of Lionel Messi”, Neymar replied that any player playing next to Messi will always be a second and for him Messi is the “biggest” and that he “admire him and respect him”. He did not join the PSG to be the ‘star’ but to follow his heart.


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